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    1 Only the highlights are lised here.  For more detailed changes, see
    2 the git logs or the changes.txt file.
    4 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
    5 NEWS for v5.2.0
    7 * Better support for files larger than 4 GB
    9 * Truecolor support on 64 bit systems for terminals that support it.
   10   This may involve setting the COLORTERM environment variable to
   11   "truecolor". See <https://github.com/termstandard/colors> for a list
   12   of terminals that support truecolor.
   14 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
   15 NEWS for v5.1.0
   17 This is primarily a maintenance release.
   19 The most notable update is that regular expression (RE) searches are
   20 supported again.  In ancient times, most supported RE searches, but
   21 was RE support was dropped was dropped when UTF-8 support was added.
   22 The default is still to use a non-RE search. The -r command line
   23 switch may be used to make the default a RE-based search.  Within
   24 most, ":r" may be used to toggle the search type between RE and
   25 non-RE.