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libsigc++  3.0.0
Here is a list of all modules:
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 AdaptorsAdaptors are functors that alter the signature of a functor's operator()()
 bind(), bind_return()Sigc::bind() alters an arbitrary functor by fixing arguments to certain values
 compose()Sigc::compose() combines two or three arbitrary functors
 exception_catch()Sigc::exception_catch() catches an exception thrown from within the wrapped functor and directs it to a catcher functor
 hide(), hide_return()Sigc::hide() alters an arbitrary functor in that it adds a parameter whose value is ignored on invocation of the returned functor
 retype(), retype_return()Sigc::retype() alters a sigc::pointer_functor, a sigc::mem_functor or a sigc::slot in that it makes C-style casts to the functor's parameter types of all parameters passed through operator()()
 track_obj()Sigc::track_obj() tracks trackable objects, referenced from a functor
 FunctorsFunctors are copyable types that define operator()()
 SlotsSlots are type-safe representations of callback methods and functions
 mem_fun()Mem_fun() Creates a functor from a pointer to a method
 ptr_fun()Ptr_fun() creates a functor from a pointer to a function
 SignalsUse sigc::signal::connect() with sigc::mem_fun() and sigc::ptr_fun() to connect a method or function with a signal