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    1 spelling=Grammar checking
    2 hlp_grammar= Check more grammar errors.
    3 grammar=Possible mistakes 
    4 hlp_cap= Check missing capitalization of sentences.
    5 cap=Capitalization 
    6 hlp_dup= Check repeated words.
    7 dup=Word duplication 
    8 hlp_pair= Check missing or extra parentheses and quotation marks.
    9 pair=Parentheses 
   10 punctuation=Punctuation
   11 hlp_spaces=Check single spaces between words.
   12 spaces=Word spacing
   13 hlp_mdash=Force unspaced em dash instead of spaced en dash.
   14 mdash=Em dash
   15 hlp_ndash=Force spaced en dash instead of unspaced em dash.
   16 ndash=En dash
   17 hlp_quotation=Check double quotation marks: "x" \u2192 \u201cx\u201d
   18 quotation=Quotation marks
   19 hlp_times=Check true multiplication sign: 5x5 \u2192 5\u00d75
   20 times=Multiplication sign
   21 hlp_spaces2=Check single spaces between sentences.
   22 spaces2=Sentence spacing
   23 hlp_spaces3=Check more than two extra space characters between words and sentences.
   24 spaces3=More spaces
   25 hlp_minus=Change hyphen characters to real minus signs.
   26 minus=Minus sign
   27 hlp_apostrophe=Change typewriter apostrophe, single quotation marks and correct double primes.
   28 apostrophe=Apostrophe
   29 hlp_ellipsis=Change three dots with ellipsis.
   30 ellipsis=Ellipsis
   31 others=Others
   32 hlp_metric=Measurement conversion from \u00b0F, mph, ft, in, lb, gal and miles.
   33 metric=Convert to metric (\u00b0C, km/h, m, kg, l)
   34 hlp_numsep=Common (1000000 \u2192 1,000,000) or ISO (1000000 \u2192 1 000 000).
   35 numsep=Thousand separation of large numbers
   36 hlp_nonmetric=Measurement conversion from \u00b0C; km/h; cm, m, km; kg; l.
   37 nonmetric=Convert to non-metric (\u00b0F, mph, ft, lb, gal)