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    1 Monthday, Month DD, YYYY
    2   Summary for 1.10.1 libpcap release (so far!)
    3     Packet filtering:
    4       Fix "type XXX subtype YYY" giving a parse error
    5     Source code:
    6       Add PCAP_AVAILABLE_1_11.
    7     Building and testing:
    8       Rename struct bpf_aux_data to avoid NetBSD compile errors
    9       Squelch some compiler warnings
   10       Squelch some Bison warnings
   11       Fix cross-builds with older kernels lacking BPF_MOD and BPF_XOR
   12       Fix Bison detection for minor version 0.
   13       Fix parallel build with FreeBSD make.
   14       Get DLT_MATCHING_MAX right in gencode.c on NetBSD.
   15       Define timeradd() and timersub() if necessary.
   16       Fix Cygwin/MSYS target directories.
   17       Fix symlinking with DESTDIR.
   18       Fix generation of libpcap.pc with CMake when not building a shared
   19           library.
   20       Check for Arm64 as well as x86-64 when looking for packet.lib on
   21           Windows.
   22     Documentation:
   23       Refine Markdown in README.md.
   24       Improve the description of portrange in filters.
   25       README.linux.md isn't Markdown, rename it just README.linux.
   26     pcapng:
   27       Support reading version 1.2, which some writers produce, and which
   28           is the same as 1.0 (some new block types were added, but
   29           that's not sufficient reason to bump the minor version number,
   30           as code that understands those new block types can handle them
   31           in a 1.0 file)
   32     Linux:
   33       Drop support for text-mode USB captures, as we require a 2.6.27
   34           or later kernel (credit to Chaoyuan Peng for noting the
   35           sscanf vulnerabilities in the text-mode code that got me to
   36           realize that we didn't need this code any more)
   37       Bluetooth: fix non-blocking mode.
   38       Don't assume that all compilers used to build for Linux support
   39           the __atomic builtins
   40     Windows:
   41       Add more information in "interface disappeared" error messages, in
   42         the hopes of trying to figure out the cause.
   43       Treat ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED as "device was removed".
   44       Indicate in the error message which "device was removed" error
   45           occurred.
   46       Report the Windows error status if PacketSendPacket() fails.
   47       Use %lu for ULONGs in error message formats.
   48       Don't treat the inability to find airpcap.dll as an error.
   49       Ignore spurious error reports by Microsoft Surface mobile
   50           telephony modem driver
   51     rpcap:
   52       Clean up error checking and error messages for server address
   53           lookup.
   55 Tuesday, December 29, 2020
   56   Summary for 1.10.0 libpcap release
   57     Add support for capturing on DPDK devices
   58     Label most APIs by the first release in which they're available
   59     Fix some memory leaks, including in pcap_compile()
   60     Add pcap_datalink_val_to_description_or_dlt()
   61     Handle the pcap private data in a fashion that makes fewer
   62        assumptions about memory layouts (might fix GitHub issue #940
   63        on ARM)
   64     Fix some thread safety issues
   65     pcap_findalldevs(): don't sort interfaces by unit number
   66     Always return a list of supported time-stamp types, even if only
   67         host time stamps are supported
   68     Increase the maximum snaplen for LINKTYPE_USBPCAP/DLT_USBPCAP
   69     Report the DLT description in error messages
   70     Add pcap_init() for first-time initialization and global option
   71         setting; it's not required, but may be used
   72     Remove (unused) SITA support
   73     Capture file reading:
   74         Correctly handle pcapng captures with more than one IDB with a
   75             snspshot length greater than the supported maximum
   76     Capture file writing:
   77         Create the file in pcap_dump_open_append() if it doesn't exist
   78     Packet filtering:
   79         Fix "unknown ether proto 'aarp'"
   80         Add a new filter "ifindex" for DLT_LINUX_SLL2 files on all
   81             platforms and live Linux captures
   82         Add a hack to the optimizer to try to catch certain optimizer
   83             loops (should prevent GitHub issue #112)
   84         Show special Linux BPF offsets symbolically in bpf_image() and
   85             bpf_dump()
   86         Added support for ICMPv6 types 1-4 as tokens with names
   87         Remove undocumented and rather old "ether proto" protocols
   88         Catch invalid IPv4 addresses in filters
   89         Don't assume ARM supports unaligned accesses
   90     Security and other issues found by analysis:
   91         Fix various security issues reported by Charles Smith at Tangible
   92             Security
   93         Fix various security issues reported by Include Security
   94         Fix some issues found by cppcheck.
   95         Add some overflow checks in the optimizer
   96     rpcap:
   97         Support rpcap-over-TLS
   98         Redo protocol version negotiation to avoid problems with old
   99             servers (it still works with servers using the old negotiation,
  100             as well as servers not supporting negotiation)
  101         Error handling cleanups
  102         Add some new authentication libpcap error codes for specific
  103             errors
  104         Fix some inetd issues in rpcapd
  105         Fix rpcapd core dumps with invalid configuration file
  106         On UN*X, don't have rpcapd tell the client why authentication
  107             failed, so a brute-force attacker can't distinguish between
  108             "unknown user name" and "known user name, wrong password"
  109         Allow rpcapd to rebind more rapidly (GitHub issue #765)
  110     Documentation:
  111         Improve man pages, including adding backward compatibility notes
  112     Building and testing:
  113         Require, and assume, some level of C99 support in the C compiler
  114         Require Visual Studio 2015 or later if using Visual Studio
  115         Fix configure script issues, including with libnl on Linux
  116         Fix CMake issues
  117         Squelch complaints from Bison about "%define api.pure" being
  118             deprecated
  119         Fix compilation of pcap-tc.c
  120     Linux:
  121         Require PF_PACKET support, and kernel 2.6.27 or later
  122         Handle systems without AF_INET or AF_UNIX socket support
  123         Get rid of Wireless Extensions for turning monitor mode on
  124         Proper memory sync for PACKET_MMAP (may prevent GitHub issue
  125             #898)
  126         Drop support for libnl 1 and 2.
  127         Return error on interface going away, but not if it just went
  128             down but is still present
  129         Set socket protocol only after packet ring configured,
  130             reducing bogus packet drop reports
  131         Get ifdrop stats from sysfs.
  132         When adjusting BPF programs, do not subtract the
  133             SLL[2]_HDR_LEN if the location is negative (special metadata
  134             offset), to preserve references to metadata; see
  135             https://github.com/the-tcpdump-group/tcpdump/issues/480#issuecomment-486827278
  136         Report a warning for unknown ARPHRD types
  137         Have pcap_breakloop() forcibly break out of a sleeping
  138             capture loop
  139         Add support for DSA data link types
  140         For raw USB bus capture, use the snapshot length to set the
  141             buffer size, and set the len field to reflect the length
  142             in the URB (GitHub issue #808)
  143         With a timeout of zero, wait indefinitely
  144         Clean up support for some non-GNU libc C libraries
  145         Add DLT_LINUX_SLL2 for cooked-mode captures
  146         Probe CONFIGURATION descriptor of connected USB devices
  147         Treat EPERM on ethtool ioctls as meaning "not supported", as
  148             permissions checks are done before checking whether the
  149             ioctl is supported at all
  150     macOS:
  151         Cope with getting EPWROFF from SIOCGIFMEDIA
  152         Treat EPERM on SIOCGIFMEDIA as meaning "not supported", as
  153             permissions checks are done before checking whether the
  154             ioctl is supported at all
  155         Treat ENXIO when reading packets as meaning "the interface
  156             was removed"
  157         Report "the interface disappeared", not "the interface went
  158             down", if the interface was removed during a capture
  159     FreeBSD:
  160         Treat ENXIO as meaning "the interface was removed"
  161         Report "the interface disappeared", not "the interface went
  162             down", if the interface was removed during a capture
  163     NetBSD:
  164         Treat ENXIO as meaning "the interface was removed"
  165         Report "the interface disappeared", not "the interface went
  166             down", if the interface was removed during a capture
  167     OpenBSD:
  168         Treat EIO as meaning "the interface was removed"
  169         Report "the interface disappeared", not "the interface went
  170             down", if the interface was removed during a capture
  171     DragonFly BSD:
  172         Treat ENXIO as meaning "the interface was removed"
  173         Report "the interface disappeared", not "the interface went
  174             down", if the interface was removed during a capture
  175     Solaris:
  176         Treat ENXIO as meaning "the interface was removed"
  177         Report "the interface disappeared", not "the interface went
  178             down", if the interface was removed during a capture
  179     AIX:
  180         Fix loading of BPF kernel extension
  181         Treat ENXIO as meaning "the interface was removed"
  182         Report "the interface disappeared", not "the interface went
  183             down", if the interface was removed during a capture
  184     Windows:
  185         Make the snapshot length work even if pcap_setfilter()
  186             isn't called
  187         Fix compilation on Cygwin/MSYS
  188         Add pcap_handle(), and deprecate pcap_fileno()
  189         Report PCAP_ERROR_NO_SUCH_DEVICE for a non-existent device
  190         Return an appropriate error message for device removed or
  191             device unusable due to a suspend/resume
  192         Report a warning for unknown NdisMedium types
  193         Have pcap_breakloop() forcibly break out of a sleeping
  194             capture loop
  195         Clean up building DLL
  196         Handle CRT mismatch for pcap_dump_fopen()
  197         Map NdisMediumWirelessWan to DLT_RAW
  198         Add AirPcap support in a module, rather than using
  199             WinPcap/Npcap's support for it
  200         Report the system error for PacketSetHwFilter() failures
  201         Add support for getting and setting packet time stamp types
  202             with Npcap
  203         Have pcap_init() allow selecting whether the API should use
  204             local code page strings or UTF-8 strings (including error
  205             messages)
  206     Haiku:
  207         Add capture support
  209 Sunday, July 22, 2018
  210   Summary for 1.9.1 libpcap release
  211     Mention pcap_get_required_select_timeout() in the main pcap man page
  212     Fix pcap-usb-linux.c build on systems with musl
  213     Fix assorted man page and other documentation issues
  214     Plug assorted memory leaks
  215     Documentation changes to use https:
  216     Changes to how time stamp calculations are done
  217     Lots of tweaks to make newer compilers happier and warning-free and
  218         to fix instances of C undefined behavior
  219     Warn if AC_PROG_CC_C99 can't enable C99 support
  220     Rename pcap_set_protocol() to  pcap_set_protocol_linux().
  221     Align pcap_t private data on an 8-byte boundary.
  222     Fix various error messages
  223     Use 64-bit clean API in dag_findalldevs()
  224     Fix cleaning up after some errors
  225     Work around some ethtool ioctl bugs in newer Linux kernels (GitHub
  226         issue #689)
  227     Add backwards compatibility sections to some man pages (GitHub issue
  228         #745)
  229     Fix autotool configuration on AIX and macOS
  230     Don't export bpf_filter_with_aux_data() or struct bpf_aux_data;
  231         they're internal-only and subject to change
  232     Fix pcapng block size checking
  233     On macOS, don't build rpcapd or test programs any fatter than they
  234         need to be
  235     Fix reading of capture statistics for Linux USB
  236     Fix packet size values for Linux USB packets (GitHub issue #808)
  237     Check only VID in VLAN test in filterss (GitHub issue #461)
  238     Fix pcap_list_datalinks on 802.11 devices on macOS
  239     Fix overflows with very large snapshot length in pcap file
  240     Improve parsing of rpcapd configuration file (GitHub issue #767)
  241     Handle systems without strlcpy() or strlcat() better
  242     Fix crashes and other errors with invalid filter expressions
  243     Fix use of uninitialized file descriptor in remote capture
  244     Fix some CMake issues
  245     Fix some divide-by-zero issues with the filter compiler
  246     Work around a GNU libc bug in pcap_nametonetaddr()
  247     Add support for DLT_LINUX_SLL2
  248     Fix handling of the packet-count argument for Myricom SNF devices
  249     Fix --disable-rdma in configure script (GitHub issue #782)
  250     Fix compilation of TurboCap support (GitHub issue #764)
  251     Constify first argument to pcap_findalldevs_ex()
  252     Fix a number of issues when running rpcapd as an inetd-style daemon
  253     Fix CMake issues with D-Bus libraries
  254     In rpcapd, clean up termination of a capture session
  255     Redo remote capture protocol negotiation
  256     In rpcapd, report the same error for "invalid user name" and
  257         "invalid password", to make brute-forcing harder
  258     For remote captures, add an error code for "the server requires TLS"
  259     Fix pcap_dump_fopen() on Windows to avoid clashes between
  260         {Win,N}Pcap and application C runtimes
  261     Fix exporting of functions from Windows DLLs (GitHub issue #810)
  262     Fix building as part of Npcap
  263     Allow rpcapd to rebind more rapidly
  264     Fix building shared libpcap library on midipix (midipix.org)
  265     Fix hack to detect UTF-16LE adapter names on Windows not to go past
  266         the end of the string
  267     Fix handling of "wireless WAN" (mobile phone network modems) on
  268         Windows with WinPcap/Npcap (GitHub issue #824)
  269     Have pcap_dump_open_append() create the dump file if it doesn't
  270         exists (GitHub issue #247)
  271     Fix the maxmum snapshot length for DLT_USBPCAP
  272     Use -fPIC when building for 64-bit SPARC on Linux (GitHub issue #837)
  273     Fix CMake 64-bit library installation directory on some Linux
  274         distributions
  275     Boost the TPACKET_V3 timeout to the maximum if a timeout of 0 was
  276         specified
  277     Five CVE-2019-15161, CVE-2019-15162, CVE-2019-15163, CVE-2019-15164, CVE-2019-15165
  278     Fixes for CVE-2018-16301, errors in pcapng reading.
  279     PCAPNG reader applies some sanity checks before doing malloc().
  281 Sunday, June 24, 2018, by mcr@sandelman.ca
  282   Summary for 1.9.0 libpcap release
  283     Added testing system to libpcap, independent of tcpdump
  284     Changes to how pcap_t is activated
  285     Adding support for Large stream buffers on Endace DAG cards
  286     Changes to BSD 3-clause license to 2-clause licence
  287     Additions to TCP header parsing, per RFC3168
  288     Add CMake build process (extensive number of changes)
  289     Assign a value for OpenBSD DLT_OPENFLOW.
  290     Support setting non-blocking mode before activating.
  291     Extensive build support for Windows VS2010 and MINGW (many many changes, over many months)
  292     Added RPCAPD support when --enable-remote (default no)
  293     Add the rpcap daemon source and build instructions.
  294     Put back the greasy "save the capture filter string so we can tweak it"
  295         hack, that keeps libpcap from capturing rpcap traffic.
  296     Fixes for captures on MacOS, utun0
  297     fixes so that non-AF_INET addresses, are not ==AF_INET6 addresses.
  298     Add a linktype for IBM SDLC frames containing SNA PDUs.
  299     pcap_compile() in 1.8.0 and later is newly thread-safe.
  300     bound snaplen for linux tpacket_v2 to ~64k
  301     Make VLAN filter handle both metadata and inline tags
  302     D-Bus captures can now be up to 128MB in size
  303     Added LORATAP DLT value
  304     Added DLT_VSOCK for https://qemu-project.org/Features/VirtioVsock
  305     probe_devices() fixes not to overrun buffer for name of device
  306     Add linux-specific pcap_set_protocol_linux() to allow specifying a specific capture protocol.
  307     RDMA sniffing support for pcap
  308     Add Nordic Semiconductor Bluetooth LE sniffer link-layer header type.
  309     fixes for reading /etc/ethers
  310     Make it possible to build on Windows without packet.dll.
  311     Add tests for large file support on UN*X.
  312     Solaris fixes to work with 2.8.6
  313     configuration test now looks for header files, not capture devices present
  314     Fix to work with Berkeley YACC.
  315     fixes for DragonBSD compilation of pcap-netmap.c
  316     Clean up the ether_hostton() stuff.
  317     Add an option to disable Linux memory-mapped capture support.
  318     Add DAG API support checks.
  319     Add Septel, Myricom SNF, and Riverbed TurboCap checks.
  320     Add checks for Linux USB, Linux Bluetooth, D-Bus, and RDMA sniffing support.
  321     Add a check for hardware time stamping on Linux.
  322     Don't bother supporting pre-2005 Visual Studio.
  323     Increased minimum autoconf version requirement to 2.64
  324     Add DLT value 273 for XRA-31 sniffer
  325     Clean up handing of signal interrupts in pcap_read_nocb_remote().
  326     Use the XPG 4.2 versions of the networking APIs in Solaris.
  327     Fix, and better explain, the "IPv6 means IPv6, not IPv4" option setting.
  328     Explicitly warn that negative packet buffer timeouts should not be used.
  329     rpcapd: Add support inetd-likes, including xinetd.conf, and systemd units
  330     Rename DLT_IEEE802_15_4 to DLT_IEEE802_15_4_WITHFCS.
  331     Add DISPLAYPORT AUX link type
  332     Remove the sunos4 kernel modules and all references to them.
  333     Add more interface flags to pcap_findalldevs().
  334   Summary for 1.9.0 libpcap release (to 2017-01-25 by guy@alum.mit.edu)
  335     Man page improvements
  336     Fix Linux cooked mode userspace filtering (GitHub pull request #429)
  337     Fix compilation if IPv6 support not enabled
  338     Fix some Linux memory-mapped capture buffer size issues
  339     Don't fail if kernel filter can't be set on Linux (GitHub issue
  340       #549)
  341     Improve sorting of interfaces for pcap_findalldevs()
  342     Don't list Linux usbmon devices if usbmon module isn't loaded
  343     Report PCAP_ERROR_PERM_DENIED if no permission to open Linux usbmon
  344       devices
  345     Fix DLT_ type for Solaris IPNET devices
  346     Always return an error message for errors finding DAG or Myricom
  347       devices
  348     If possible, don't require that a device be openable when
  349       enumerating them for pcap_findalldevs()
  350     Don't put incompletely-initialized addresses in the address list for
  351     When finding Myricom devices, update description for regular
  352       interfaces that are Myricom devices and handle SNF_FLAGS=0x2(port
  353       aggregation enabled)
  354     Fix compilation error in DAG support
  355     Fix issues with CMake configuration
  356     Add support for stream buffers larger than 2GB on newer DAG cards
  357     Remove support for building against DAG versions without STREAMS
  358       support (before dag-3.0.0 2007)
  360 Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2016 mcr@sandelman.ca
  361   Summary for 1.8.1 libpcap release
  362     Add a target in Makefile.in for Exuberant Ctags use: 'extags'.
  363     Rename configure.in to configure.ac: autoconf 2.59
  364     Clean up the name-to-DLT mapping table.
  365     Add some newer DLT_ values: IPMI_HPM_2,ZWAVE_R1_R2,ZWAVE_R3,WATTSTOPPER_DLM,ISO_14443,RDS
  366     Clarify what the return values are for both success and failure.
  367     Many changes to build on windows
  368     Check for the "break the loop" condition in the inner loop for TPACKET_V3.
  369     Fix handling of packet count in the TPACKET_V3 inner loop: GitHub issue #493.
  370     Filter out duplicate looped back CAN frames.
  371     Fix the handling of loopback filters for IPv6 packets.
  372     Add a link-layer header type for RDS (IEC 62106) groups.
  373     Use different intermediate folders for x86 and x64 builds on Windows.
  374     On Linux, handle all CAN captures with pcap-linux.c, in cooked mode.
  375     Removes the need for the "host-endian" link-layer header type.
  376     Compile with '-Wused-but-marked-unused' in devel mode if supported
  377     Have separate DLTs for big-endian and host-endian SocketCAN headers.
  378     Reflect version.h being renamed to pcap_version.h.
  379     Require that version.h be generated: all build procedures we support generate version.h (autoconf, CMake, MSVC)!
  380     Properly check for sock_recv() errors.
  381     Re-impose some of Winsock's limitations on sock_recv().
  382     Replace sprintf() with pcap_snprintf().
  383     Fix signature of pcap_stats_ex_remote().
  384     Initial cmake support for remote packet capture.
  385     Have rpcap_remoteact_getsock() return a SOCKET and supply an "is active" flag.
  386     Clean up {DAG, Septel, Myricom SNF}-only builds.
  387     Do UTF-16-to-ASCII conversion into the right place.
  388     pcap_create_interface() needs the interface name on Linux.
  389     Clean up hardware time stamp support: the "any" device does not support any time stamp types.
  390     Add support for capturing on FreeBSD usbusN interfaces.
  391     Add a LINKTYPE/DLT_ value for FreeBSD USB.
  392     Go back to using PCAP_API on Windows.
  393     CMake support
  394     Add TurboCap support from WinPcap.
  395     Recognize 802.1ad nested VLAN tag in vlan filter.
  397 Thursday Sep. 3, 2015 guy@alum.mit.edu
  398   Summary for 1.7.5 libpcap release
  399 	Man page cleanups.
  400 	Add some allocation failure checks.
  401 	Fix a number of Linux/ucLinux configure/build issues.
  402 	Fix some memory leaks.
  403 	Recognize 802.1ad nested VLAN tag in vlan filter.
  404 	Fix building Bluetooth Linux Monitor support with BlueZ 5.1+
  406 Saturday Jun. 27, 2015 mcr@sandelman.ca
  407   Summary for 1.7.4 libpcap release
  408 	Include fix for GitHub issue #424 -- out of tree builds.
  410 Friday Apr. 10, 2015 guy@alum.mit.edu
  411   Summary for 1.7.3 libpcap release
  412 	Work around a Linux bonding driver bug.
  414 Thursday Feb. 12, 2015 guy@alum.mit.edu/mcr@sandelman.ca
  415   Summary for 1.7.2 libpcap release
  416 	Support for filtering Geneve encapsulated packets.
  417 	Generalize encapsulation handling, fixing some bugs.
  418 	Don't add null addresses to address lists.
  419 	Add pcap_dump_open_append() to open for appending.
  420 	Fix the swapping of isochronous descriptors in Linux USB.
  421 	Attempt to handle TPACKET_V1 with 32-bit userland and 64-bit kernel.
  423 Wednesday Nov. 12, 2014 guy@alum.mit.edu/mcr@sandelman.ca
  424   Summary for 1.7.0 libpcap release
  425 	Fix handling of zones for BPF on Solaris
  426 	new DLT for ZWAVE
  427 	clarifications for read timeouts.
  428 	Use BPF extensions in compiled filters, fixing VLAN filters
  429 	some fixes to compilation without stdint.h
  430 	EBUSY can now be returned by SNFv3 code.
  431 	Fix the range checks in BPF loads
  432 	Various DAG fixes.
  433 	Various Linux fixes.
  435 Monday Aug. 12, 2014 guy@alum.mit.edu
  436   Summary for 1.6.2 libpcap release
  437 	Don't crash on filters testing a non-existent link-layer type
  438 	    field.
  439 	Fix sending in non-blocking mode on Linux with memory-mapped
  440 	    capture.
  441 	Fix timestamps when reading pcap-ng files on big-endian
  442 	    machines.
  444 Saturday  Jul. 19, 2014 mcr@sandelman.ca
  445   Summary for 1.6.1 libpcap release
  446 	some fixes for the any device
  447 	changes for how --enable-XXX (--enable-sniffing, --enable-can) works
  449 Wednesday Jul. 2, 2014 mcr@sandelman.ca
  450   Summary for 1.6.0 libpcap release
  451         Don't support D-Bus sniffing on OS X
  452         fixes for byte order issues with NFLOG captures
  453         Handle using cooked mode for DLT_NETLINK in activate_new().
  454         on platforms where you can not capture on down interfaces, do not list them
  455         but: do list interfaces which are down, if you can capture on them!
  457 Wednesday December 18, 2013 guy@alum.mit.edu
  458 Summary for 1.5.3 libpcap release
  459 	Don't let packets that don't match the current filter get to the
  460 	    application when TPACKET_V3 is used. (GitHub issue #331)
  461 	Fix handling of pcap_loop()/pcap_dispatch() with a packet count
  462 	    of 0 on some platforms (including Linux with TPACKET_V3).
  463 	    (GitHub issue #333)
  464 	Work around TPACKET_V3 deficiency that causes packets to be lost
  465 	    when a timeout of 0 is specified. (GitHub issue #335)
  466 	Man page formatting fixes.
  468 Wednesday December 4, 2013 guy@alum.mit.edu
  469 Summary for 1.5.2 libpcap release
  470 	Fix libpcap to work when compiled with TPACKET_V3 support and
  471 	    running on a kernel without TPACKET_V3 support. (GitHub
  472 	    issue #329)
  474 Wednesday November 20, 2013 guy@alum.mit.edu
  475 Summary for 1.5.1 libpcap release
  476 	Report an error, rather than crashing, if an IPv6 address is
  477 	    used for link-layer filtering.  (Wireshark bug 9376)
  479 Wednesday October 30, 2013 guy@alum.mit.edu
  480 Summary for 1.5.0 libpcap release
  481 	TPACKET_V3 support added for Linux
  482 	Point users to the the-tcpdump-group repository on GitHub rather
  483 	    than the mcr repository
  484 	Checks added for malloc()/realloc()/etc. failures
  485 	Fixed build on Solaris 11
  486 	Support filtering E1 SS7 traffic on MTP2 layer Annex A
  487 	Use "ln -s" to link man pages by default
  488         Add support for getting nanosecond-resolution time stamps when
  489 	    capturing and reading capture files
  490         Many changes to autoconf to deal better with non-GCC compilers
  491         added many new DLT types
  493 Saturday April 6, 2013 guy@alum.mit.edu
  494 Summary for 1.4.0 libpcap release
  495 	Add netfilter/nfqueue interface.
  496 	If we don't have support for IPv6 address resolution, support,
  497 	    in filter expressions, what IPv6 stuff we can.
  498 	Fix pcap-config to include -lpthread if canusb support is
  499 	    present
  500 	Try to fix "pcap_parse not defined" problems when --without-flex
  501 	    and --without-bison are used when you have Flex and Bison
  502 	Fix some issues with the pcap_loop man page.
  503 	Fix pcap_getnonblock() and pcap_setnonblock() to fill in the
  504 	    supplied error message buffer
  505 	Fix typo that, it appeared, would cause pcap-libdlpi.c not to
  506 	    compile (perhaps systems with libdlpi also have BPF and use
  507 	    that instead)
  508 	Catch attempts to call pcap_compile() on a non-activated pcap_t
  509 	Fix crash on Linux with CAN-USB support without usbfs
  510 	Fix addition of VLAN tags for Linux cooked captures
  511 	Check for both EOPNOTSUPP and EINVAL after SIOCETHTOOL ioctl, so
  512 	    that the driver can report either one if it doesn't support
  513 	    SIOCETHTOOL
  515 	Describe "proto XXX" and "protochain XXX" in the pcap-filter man
  516 	    page
  517 	Handle either directories, or symlinks to directories, that
  518 	    correspond to interfaces in /sys/class/net
  519 	Fix handling of VLAN tag insertion to check, on Linux 3.x
  520 	    kernels, for VLAN tag valid flag
  521 	Clean up some man pages
  522 	Support libnl3 as well as libnl1 and libnl2 on Linux
  523 	Fix handling of Bluetooth devices on 3.x Linux kernels
  525 Friday  March 30, 2012.  mcr@sandelman.ca
  526 Summary for 1.3.0 libpcap release
  527         Handle DLT_PFSYNC in {FreeBSD, other *BSD+Mac OS X, other}.
  528         Linux: Don't fail if netfilter isn't enabled in the kernel.
  529         Add new link-layer type for NFC Forum LLCP.
  530         Put the CANUSB stuff into EXTRA_DIST, so it shows up in the release tarball.
  531         Add LINKTYPE_NG40/DLT_NG40.
  532         Add DLT_MPEG_2_TS/LINKTYPE_MPEG_2_TS for MPEG-2 transport streams.
  533         [PATCH] Fix AIX-3.5 crash with read failure during stress
  534         AIX fixes.
  535         Introduce --disable-shared configure option.
  536         Added initial support for canusb devices.
  537         Include the pcap(3PCAP) additions as 1.2.1 changes.
  538         many updates to documentation: pcap.3pcap.in
  539         Improve 'inbound'/'outbound' capture filters under Linux.
  540         Note the cleanup of handling of new DLT_/LINKTYPE_ values.
  541         On Lion, don't build for PPC.
  542         For mac80211 devices we need to clean up monitor mode on exit.
  544 Friday  December 9, 2011.  guy@alum.mit.edu.
  545 Summary for 1.2.1 libpcap release
  546 	Update README file.
  547 	Fix typos in README.linux file.
  548 	Clean up some compiler warnings.
  549 	Fix Linux compile problems and tests for ethtool.h.
  550 	Treat Debian/kFreeBSD and GNU/Hurd as systems with GNU
  551 	 toolchains.
  552 	Support 802.1 QinQ as a form of VLAN in filters.
  553 	Treat "carp" as equivalent to "vrrp" in filters.
  554 	Fix code generated for "ip6 protochain".
  555 	Add some new link-layer header types.
  556 	Support capturing NetFilter log messages on Linux.
  557 	Clean up some error messages.
  558 	Turn off monitor mode on exit for mac80211 interfaces on Linux.
  559 	Fix problems turning monitor mode on for non-mac80211 interfaces
  560 	 on Linux.
  561 	Properly fail if /sys/class/net or /proc/net/dev exist but can't
  562 	 be opened.
  563 	Fail if pcap_activate() is called on an already-activated
  564 	 pcap_t, and add a test program for that.
  565 	Fix filtering in pcap-ng files.
  566 	Don't build for PowerPC on Mac OS X Lion.
  567 	Simplify handling of new DLT_/LINKTYPE_ values.
  568 	Expand pcap(3PCAP) man page.
  570 Sunday  July 24, 2011.  mcr@sandelman.ca.
  571 Summary for 1.2 libpcap release
  572         All of the changes listed below for 1.1.1 and 1.1.2.
  573         Changes to error handling for pcap_findalldevs().
  574         Fix the calculation of the frame size in memory-mapped captures.
  575         Add a link-layer header type for STANAG 5066 D_PDUs.
  576         Add a link-layer type for a variant of 3GPP TS 27.010.
  577         Noted real nature of LINKTYPE_ARCNET.
  578         Add a link-layer type for DVB-CI.
  579         Fix configure-script discovery of VLAN acceleration support.
  580          see https://netoptimizer.blogspot.com/2010/09/tcpdump-vs-vlan-tags.html
  581         Linux, HP-UX, AIX, NetBSD and OpenBSD compilation/conflict fixes.
  582         Protect against including AIX 5.x's <net/bpf.h> having been included.
  583         Add DLT_DBUS, for raw D-Bus messages.
  584         Treat either EPERM or EACCES as "no soup for you".
  585         Changes to permissions on DLPI systems.
  586         Add DLT_IEEE802_15_4_NOFCS for 802.15.4 interfaces.
  588 Fri.    August 6, 2010.  guy@alum.mit.edu.
  589 Summary for 1.1.2 libpcap release
  590 	Return DLT_ values, not raw LINKTYPE_ values from
  591 	  pcap_datalink() when reading pcap-ng files
  592 	Add support for "wlan ra" and "wlan ta", to check the RA and TA
  593 	  of WLAN frames that have them
  594 	Don't crash if "wlan addr{1,2,3,4}" are used without 802.11
  595 	  headers
  596 	Do filtering on USB and Bluetooth capturing
  597 	On FreeBSD/SPARC64, use -fPIC - it's apparently necessary
  598 	Check for valid port numbers (fit in a 16-bit unsigned field) in
  599 	  "port" filters
  600 	Reject attempts to put savefiles into non-blocking mode
  601 	Check for "no such device" for the "get the media types" ioctl
  602 	  in *BSD
  603 	Improve error messages from bpf_open(), and let it do the error
  604 	  handling
  605 	Return more specific errors from pcap_can_set_rfmon(); fix
  606 	  documentation
  607 	Update description fetching code for FreeBSD, fix code for
  608 	  OpenBSD
  609 	Ignore /sys/net/dev files if we get ENODEV for them, not just
  610 	  ENXIO; fixes handling of bonding devices on Linux
  611 	Fix check for a constant 0 argument to BPF_DIV
  612 	Use the right version of ar when cross-building
  613 	Free any filter set on a savefile when the savefile is closed
  614 	Include the CFLAGS setting when configure was run in the
  615 	  compiler flags
  616 	Add support for 802.15.4 interfaces on Linux
  618 Thu.    April 1, 2010.  guy@alum.mit.edu.
  619 Summary for 1.1.1 libpcap release
  620 	Update CHANGES to reflect more of the changes in 1.1.0.
  621 	Fix build on RHEL5.
  622 	Fix shared library build on AIX.
  624 Thu.	March 11, 2010.  ken@netfunctional.ca/guy@alum.mit.edu.
  625 Summary for 1.1.0 libpcap release
  626 	Add SocketCAN capture support
  627 	Add Myricom SNF API support
  628 	Update Endace DAG and ERF support
  629 	Add support for shared libraries on Solaris, HP-UX, and AIX
  630 	Build, install, and un-install shared libraries by default;
  631 	  don't build/install shared libraries on platforms we don't support
  632 	Fix building from a directory other than the source directory
  633 	Fix compiler warnings and builds on some platforms
  634 	Update config.guess and config.sub
  635 	Support monitor mode on mac80211 devices on Linux
  636 	Fix USB memory-mapped capturing on Linux; it requires a new DLT_
  637 	  value
  638 	On Linux, scan /sys/class/net for devices if we have it; scan
  639 	  it, or /proc/net/dev if we don't have /sys/class/net, even if
  640 	  we have getifaddrs(), as it'll find interfaces with no
  641 	  addresses
  642 	Add limited support for reading pcap-ng files
  643 	Fix BPF driver-loading error handling on AIX
  644 	Support getting the full-length interface description on FreeBSD
  645 	In the lexical analyzer, free up any addrinfo structure we got back
  646 	  from getaddrinfo().
  647 	Add support for BPF and libdlpi in OpenSolaris (and SXCE)
  648 	Hyphenate "link-layer" everywhere
  649 	Add /sys/kernel/debug/usb/usbmon to the list of usbmon locations
  650 	In pcap_read_linux_mmap(), if there are no frames available, call
  651 	  poll() even if we're in non-blocking mode, so we pick up
  652 	  errors, and check for the errors in question.
  653 	Note that poll() works on BPF devices is Snow Leopard
  654 	If an ENXIO or ENETDOWN is received, it may mean the device has
  655 	  gone away.  Deal with it.
  656 	For BPF, raise the default capture buffer size to from 32k to 512k
  657 	Support ps_ifdrop on Linux
  658 	Added a bunch of #ifdef directives to make wpcap.dll (WinPcap) compile
  659 	 under cygwin.
  660 	Changes to Linux mmapped captures.
  661 	Fix bug where create_ring would fail for particular snaplen and
  662 	  buffer size combinations
  663 	Update pcap-config so that it handles libpcap requiring
  664 	  additional libraries
  665 	Add workaround for threadsafeness on Windows
  666 	Add missing mapping for DLT_ENC <-> LINKTYPE_ENC
  668 	DLT: Add Solaris ipnet
  669 	Don't check for DLT_IPNET if it's not defined
  670 	Add link-layer types for Fibre Channel FC-2
  671 	Add link-layer types for Wireless HART
  672 	Add link-layer types for AOS
  673 	Add link-layer types for DECT
  674 	Autoconf fixes (AIX, HP-UX, OSF/1, Tru64 cleanups)
  675 	Install headers unconditionally, and include vlan.h/bluetooth.h if
  676 	  enabled
  677 	Autoconf fixes+cleanup
  678 	Support enabling/disabling bluetooth (--{en,dis}able-bluetooth)
  679 	Support disabling SITA support (--without-sita)
  680 	Return -1 on failure to create packet ring (if supported but
  681 	  creation failed)
  682 	Fix handling of 'any' device, so that it can be opened, and no longer
  683 	  attempt to open it in Monitor mode
  684 	Add support for snapshot length for USB Memory-Mapped Interface
  685 	Fix configure and build on recent Linux kernels
  686 	Fix memory-mapped Linux capture to support pcap_next() and
  687 	  pcap_next_ex()
  688 	Fixes for Linux USB capture
  693 Mon.    October 27, 2008.  ken@netfunctional.ca.  Summary for 1.0.0 libpcap release
  694 	Compile with IPv6 support by default
  695 	Compile with large file support on by default
  696 	Add pcap-config script, which deals with -I/-L flags for compiling
  697 	DLT: Add IPMB
  698 	DLT: Add LAPD
  699 	DLT: Add AX25 (AX.25 w/KISS header)
  700 	DLT: Add JUNIPER_ST
  701 	802.15.4 support
  702 	Variable length 802.11 header support
  703 	X2E data type support
  704 	SITA ACN Interface support - see README.sita
  705 	Support for memory-mapped capture on Linux
  706 	Support for zerocopy BPF on platforms that support it
  707 	Support for setting buffer size when opening devices
  708 	Support for setting monitor mode when opening 802.11 devices
  709 	Better support for dealing with VLAN tagging/stripping on Linux
  710 	Fix dynamic library support on OSX
  711 	Return PCAP_ERROR_IFACE_NOT_UP if the interface isn't 'UP', so applications
  712 	 can print better diagnostic information
  713 	Return PCAP_ERROR_PERM_DENIED if we don't have permission to open a device, so
  714 	 applications can tell the user they need to go play with permissions
  715 	On Linux, ignore ENETDOWN so we can continue to capture packets if the
  716 	 interface goes down and comes back up again.
  717 	On Linux, support new tpacket frame headers (2.6.27+)
  718 	On Mac OS X, add scripts for changing permissions on /dev/bpf* and launchd plist
  719 	On Solaris, support 'passive mode' on systems that support it
  720 	Fixes to autoconf and general build environment
  721 	Man page reorganization + cleanup
  722 	Autogenerate VERSION numbers better
  724 Mon.    September 10, 2007.  ken@xelerance.com.  Summary for 0.9.8 libpcap release
  725         Change build process to put public libpcap headers into pcap subir
  726         DLT: Add value for IPMI IPMB packets
  727         DLT: Add value for u10 Networks boards
  728         Require <net/pfvar.h> for pf definitions - allows reading of pflog formatted
  729          libpcap files on an OS other than where the file was generated
  731 Wed.	April 25, 2007.  ken@xelerance.com.  Summary for 0.9.6 libpcap release
  733 	Put the public libpcap headers into a pcap subdirectory in both the
  734 	 source directory and the target include directory, and have include
  735 	 files at the top-level directory to include those headers, for
  736 	 backwards compatibility.
  737 	Add Bluetooth support
  738 	Add USB capturing support on Linux
  739 	Add support for the binary USB sniffing interface in Linux
  740 	Add support for new FreeBSD BIOCSDIRECTION ioctl
  741 	Add additional filter operations for 802.11 frame types
  742 	Add support for filtering on MTP2 frame types
  743 	Propagate some changes from the main branch, so the x.9 branch has
  744 	 all the DLT_ and LINKTYPE_ values that the main branch does
  745 	Reserved a DLT_ and SAVEFILE_ value for PPI (Per Packet Info)
  746 	 encapsulated packets
  747 	Add LINKTYPE_ for IEEE 802.15.4, with address fields padded as done
  748 	 by Linux drivers
  749 	Add LINKTYPE_ value corresponding to DLT_IEEE802_16_MAC_CPS.
  750 	Add DLT for IEEE 802.16 (WiMAX) MAC Common Part Sublayer
  751 	Add DLT for Bluetooth HCI UART transport layer
  752 	When building a shared library, build with "-fPIC" on Linux to support x86_64
  753 	Link with "$(CC) -shared" rather than "ld -shared" when building a
  754 	 ".so" shared library
  755 	Add support for autoconf 2.60
  756 	Fixes to discard unread packets when changing filters
  757 	Changes to handle name changes in the DAG library resulting from
  758 	 switching to libtool.
  759 	Add support for new DAG ERF types.
  760         Add an explicit "-ldag" when building the shared library, so the DAG
  761 	 library dependency is explicit.
  762 	Mac OSX fixes for dealing with "wlt" devices
  763 	Fixes in add_or_find_if() & pcap_findalldevs() to optimize generating
  764 	 device lists
  765 	Fixed a bug in pcap_open_live(). The return value of PacketSetHwFilter
  766 	 was not checked.
  768 Tue.	September 19, 2006. ken@xelerance.com. Summary for 0.9.5 libpcap release
  770 	Support for LAPD frames with vISDN
  771 	Support for ERF on channelized T1/E1 cards via DAG API
  772 	Fix capitalization that caused issues crossc compiling on Linux
  773 	Better failure detection on PacketGetAdapterNames()
  774 	Fixes for MPLS packet generation (link layer)
  775 	OP_PACKET now matches the beginning of the packet, instead of
  776 	 beginning+link-layer
  777 	Add DLT/LINKTYPE for carrying FRF.16 Multi-link Frame Relay
  778 	Fix allocation of buffer for list of link-layer types
  779 	Added a new DLT and LINKTYPE value for ARINC 653 Interpartition Communication Messages
  780 	Fixed a typo in a DLT value: it should start with DLT_ and not LINKTYPE_
  781 	Redefined DLT_CAN20B and LINKTYPE_CAN20B as #190 (as this is the right value for CAN).
  782 	Added definition for DLT_A429 and LINKTYPE_A429 as #184.
  783 	Added a new DLT and LINKTYPE value for CAN v2.0B frames.
  784 	Add support for DLT_JUNIPER_VP.
  785 	Don't double-count received packets on Linux systems that
  786 	 support the PACKET_STATISTICS getsockopt() argument on
  787 	 PF_PACKET sockets.
  788 	Add support for DLT_IEEE802_11 and DLT_IEEE802_11_RADIO link
  789 	 layers in Windows
  790 	Add support to build libpcap.lib and wpcap.dll under Cygnus and
  791 	 MingW32.
  793 Mon. 	September 5, 2005.  ken@xelerance.com. Summary for 0.9.4 libpcap release
  795 	Support for radiotap on Linux (Mike Kershaw)
  796 	Fixes for HP-UX
  797 	Support for additional Juniper link-layer types
  798 	Fixes for filters on MPLS-encapsulated packets
  799 	"vlan" filter fixed
  800 	"pppoed" and "pppoes" filters added; the latter modifies later
  801 	parts of the filter expression to look at the PPP headers and
  802 	headers in the PPP payload
  804 Tue. 	July 5, 2005.  ken@xelerance.com. Summary for 0.9.3 libpcap release
  806 	Fixes for compiling on nearly every platform,
  807 		including improved 64bit support
  808 	MSDOS Support
  809 	Add support for sending packets
  810 	OpenBSD pf format support
  811 	IrDA capture (Linux only)
  813 Tue.   March 30, 2004. mcr@sandelman.ottawa.on.ca. Summary for 3.8.3 release
  815 	Fixed minor problem in gencode.c that would appear on 64-bit
  816 	platforms.
  817 	Version number is now sane.
  819 Mon.   March 29, 2004. mcr@sandelman.ottawa.on.ca. Summary for 3.8.2 release
  821 	updates for autoconf 2.5
  822 	fixes for ppp interfaces for freebsd 4.1
  823 	pcap gencode can generate code for 802.11, IEEE1394, and pflog.
  825 Wed.   November 12, 2003. mcr@sandelman.ottawa.on.ca. Summary for 0.8 release
  827 	added pcap_findalldevs()
  828 	Win32 patches from NetGroup, Politecnico di Torino (Italy)
  829 	OpenBSD pf, DLT_PFLOG added
  830 	Many changes to ATM support.
  831 	lookup pcap_lookupnet()
  833 		DLT_IP_OVER_FC, DLT_FRELAY, others.
  834 	Sigh.  More AIX wonderfulness.
  835 	Document updates.
  836 	Changes to API: pcap_next_ex(), pcap_breakloop(), pcap_dump_flush(),
  837 			pcap_list_datalinks(), pcap_set_datalink(),
  838 			pcap_lib_version(), pcap_datalink_val_to_name(),
  839 			pcap_datalink_name_to_val(), new error returns.
  841 Tuesday, February 25, 2003. fenner@research.att.com.  0.7.2 release
  843  	Support link types that use 802.2 always, never, and sometimes.
  844  	Don't decrease the size of the BPF buffer from the default.
  845  	Support frame relay.
  846  	Handle 32-bit timestamps in DLPI, and pass the right buffer size.
  847  	Handle Linux systems with modern kernel but without
  848  	 SOL_PACKET in the userland headers.
  849  	Linux support for ARPHRD_RAWHDLC.
  850  	Handle 32-bit timestamps in snoop.
  851  	Support eg (Octane/O2xxx/O3xxx Gigabit) devices.
  852  	Add new reserved DLT types.
  854 Monday October 23, 2001. mcr@sandelman.ottawa.on.ca. Summary for 0.7 release
  856 	Added pcap_findalldevs() call to get list of interfaces in a MI way.
  858 	pcap_stats() has been documented as to what its counters mean on
  859 	each platform.
  861 Tuesday January 9, 2001. guy@alum.mit.edu. Summary for 0.6 release
  863 	New Linux libpcap implementation, which, in 2.2 and later
  864 	kernels, uses PF_PACKET sockets and supports kernel packet
  865 	filtering (if compiled into the kernel), and supports the "any"
  866 	device for capturing on all interfaces.  Cleans up promiscuous
  867 	mode better on pre-2.2 kernels, and has various other fixes
  868 	(handles 2.4 ARPHRD_IEEE802_TR, handles ISDN devices better,
  869 	doesn't show duplicate packets on loopback interface, etc.).
  871 	Fixed HP-UX libpcap implementation to correctly get the PPA for
  872 	an interface, to allow interfaces to be opened by interface name.
  874 	libpcap savefiles have system-independent link-layer type values
  875 	in the header, rather than sometimes platform-dependent DLT_
  876 	values, to make it easier to exchange capture files between
  877 	different OSes.
  879 	Non-standard capture files produced by some Linux tcpdumps, e.g.
  880 	the one from Red Hat Linux 6.2 and later, can now be read.
  882 	Updated autoconf stock files.
  884 	Filter expressions can filter on VLAN IDs and various OSI
  885 	protocols, and work on Token Ring (with non-source-routed
  886 	packets).
  888 	"pcap_open_dead()" added to allow compiling filter expressions
  889 	to pcap code without opening a capture device or capture file.
  891 	Header files fixed to allow use in C++ programs.
  893 	Removed dependency on native headers for packet layout.
  894 	Removed Linux specific headers that were shipped.
  896 	Security fixes: Strcpy replaced with strlcpy, sprintf replaced
  897 	with snprintf.
  899 	Fixed bug that could cause subsequent "pcap_compile()"s to fail
  900 	erroneously after one compile failed.
  902 	Assorted other bug fixes.
  904 	README.aix and README.linux files added to describe
  905 	platform-specific issues.
  907 	"getifaddrs()" rather than SIOCGIFCONF used, if available.
  909 v0.5 Sat Jun 10 11:09:15 PDT 2000
  911 itojun@iijlab.net
  912 - Brought in KAME IPv6/IPsec bpf compiler.
  913 - Fixes for NetBSD.
  914 - Support added for OpenBSD DLT_LOOP and BSD/OS DLT_C_HDLC (Cisco HDLC),
  915   and changes to work around different BSDs having different DLT_ types
  916   with the same numeric value.
  918 Assar Westerlund  <assar@sics.se>
  919 - Building outside the source code tree fixed.
  920 - Changed to write out time stamps with 32-bit seconds and microseconds
  921   fields, regardless of whether those fields are 32 bits or 64 bits in
  922   the OS's native "struct timeval".
  923 - Changed "pcap_lookupdev()" to dynamically grow the buffer into which
  924   the list of interfaces is read as necessary in order to hold the
  925   entire list.
  927 Greg Troxel <gdt@ir.bbn.com>
  928 - Added a new "pcap_compile_nopcap()", which lets you compile a filter
  929   expression into a BPF program without having an open live capture or
  930   capture file.
  932 v0.4 Sat Jul 25 12:40:09 PDT 1998
  934 - Fix endian problem with DLT_NULL devices. From FreeBSD via Bill
  935   Fenner (fenner@parc.xerox.com)
  937 - Fix alignment problem with FDDI under DLPI. This was causing core
  938   dumps under Solaris.
  940 - Added configure options to disable flex and bison. Resulted from a
  941   bug report by barnett@grymoire.crd.ge.com (Bruce Barnett). Also added
  942   options to disable gcc and to force a particular packet capture type.
  944 - Added support for Fore ATM interfaces (qaa and fa) under IRIX. Thanks
  945   to John Hawkinson (jhawk@mit.edu)
  947 - Change Linux PPP and SLIP to use DLT_RAW since the kernel does not
  948   supply any "link layer" data.
  950 - Change Linux to use SIOCGIFHWADDR ioctl to determine link layer type.
  951   Thanks to Thomas Sailer (sailer@ife.ee.ethz.ch)
  953 - Change IRIX PPP to use DLT_RAW since the kernel does not supply any
  954   "link layer" data.
  956 - Modified to support the new BSD/OS 2.1 PPP and SLIP link layer header
  957   formats.
  959 - Added some new SGI snoop interface types. Thanks to Steve Alexander
  960   (sca@refugee.engr.sgi.com)
  962 - Fixes for HP-UX 10.20 (which is similar to HP-UX 9). Thanks to
  963   Richard Allen (ra@hp.is) and Steinar Haug (sthaug@nethelp.no)
  965 - Fddi supports broadcast as reported by Jeff Macdonald
  966   (jeff@iacnet.com). Also correct ieee802 and arcnet.
  968 - Determine Linux pcap buffer size at run time or else it might not be
  969   big enough for some interface types (e.g. FDDI). Thanks to Jes
  970   Sorensen (Jes.Sorensen@cern.ch)
  972 - Fix some linux alignment problems.
  974 - Document promisc argument to pcap_open_live(). Reported by Ian Marsh
  975   (ianm@sics.se)
  977 - Support Metricom radio packets under Linux. Thanks to Kevin Lai
  978   (laik@gunpowder.stanford.edu)
  980 - Bind to interface name under Linux to avoid packets from multiple
  981   interfaces on multi-homed hosts. Thanks to Kevin Lai
  982   (laik@gunpowder.stanford.edu)
  984 - Change L_SET to SEEK_SET for HP-UX. Thanks to Roland Roberts
  985   (rroberts@muller.com)
  987 - Fixed an uninitialized memory reference found by Kent Vander Velden
  988   (graphix@iastate.edu)
  990 - Fixed lex pattern for IDs to allow leading digits. As reported by
  991   Theo de Raadt (deraadt@cvs.openbsd.org)
  993 - Fixed Linux include file problems when using GNU libc.
  995 - Ifdef ARPHRD_FDDI since not all versions of the Linux kernel have it.
  996   Reported reported by Eric Jacksch (jacksch@tenebris.ca)
  998 - Fixed bug in pcap_dispatch() that kept it from returning on packet
  999   timeouts.
 1001 - Changed ISLOOPBACK() macro when IFF_LOOPBACK isn't available to check
 1002   for "lo" followed by an eos or digit (newer versions of Linux
 1003   apparently call the loopback "lo" instead of "lo0").
 1005 - Fixed Linux networking include files to use ints instead of longs to
 1006   avoid problems with 64 bit longs on the alpha. Thanks to Cristian
 1007   Gafton (gafton@redhat.com)
 1009 v0.3 Sat Nov 30 20:56:27 PST 1996
 1011 - Added Linux support.
 1013 - Fixed savefile bugs.
 1015 - Solaris x86 fix from Tim Rylance (t.rylance@elsevier.nl)
 1017 - Add support for bpf kernel port filters.
 1019 - Remove duplicate atalk protocol table entry. Thanks to Christian
 1020   Hopps (chopps@water.emich.edu)
 1022 - Fixed pcap_lookupdev() to ignore nonexistent devices. This was
 1023   reported to happen under BSD/OS by David Vincenzetti
 1024   (vince@cryptonet.it)
 1026 - Avoid solaris compiler warnings. Thanks to Bruce Barnett
 1027   (barnett@grymoire.crd.ge.com)
 1029 v0.2.1 Sun Jul 14 03:02:26 PDT 1996
 1031 - Fixes for HP-UX 10. Thanks in part to Thomas Wolfram
 1032   (wolf@prz.tu-berlin.de) and Rick Jones (raj@hpisrdq.cup.hp.com)
 1034 - Added support for SINIX. Thanks to Andrej Borsenkow
 1035   (borsenkow.msk@sni.de)
 1037 - Fixes for AIX (although this system is not yet supported). Thanks to
 1038   John Hawkinson (jhawk@mit.edu)
 1040 - Use autoconf's idea of the top level directory in install targets.
 1041   Thanks to John Hawkinson.
 1043 - Add missing autoconf packet capture result message. Thanks to Bill
 1044   Fenner (fenner@parc.xerox.com)
 1046 - Fixed padding problems in the pf module.
 1048 - Fixed some more alignment problems on the alpha.
 1050 - Added explicit netmask support. Thanks to Steve Nuchia
 1051   (steve@research.oknet.com)
 1053 - Fixed to handle raw ip addresses such as without "left
 1054   justifing"
 1056 - Add "sca" keyword (for DEC cluster services) as suggested by Terry
 1057   Kennedy (terry@spcvxa.spc.edu)
 1059 - Add "atalk" keyword as suggested by John Hawkinson.
 1061 - Add "igrp" keyword.
 1063 - Fixed HID definition in grammar.y to be a string, not a value.
 1065 - Use $CC when checking gcc version. Thanks to Carl Lindberg
 1066   (carl_lindberg@blacksmith.com)
 1068 - Removed obsolete reference to pcap_immediate() from the man page.
 1069   Michael Stolarchuk (mts@terminator.rs.itd.umich.edu)
 1071 - DLT_NULL has a 4 byte family header. Thanks to Jeffrey Honig
 1072   (jch@bsdi.com)
 1074 v0.2 Sun Jun 23 02:28:42 PDT 1996
 1076 - Add support for HP-UX. Resulted from code contributed by Tom Murray
 1077   (tmurray@hpindck.cup.hp.com) and Philippe-Andri Prindeville
 1078   (philipp@res.enst.fr)
 1080 - Update INSTALL with a reminder to install include files. Thanks to
 1081   Mark Andrews (mandrews@aw.sgi.com)
 1083 - Fix bpf compiler alignment bug on the alpha.
 1085 - Use autoconf to detect architectures that can't handle misaligned
 1086   accesses.
 1088 - Added loopback support for snoop. Resulted from report Steve
 1089   Alexander (sca@engr.sgi.com)
 1091 v0.1 Fri Apr 28 18:11:03 PDT 1995
 1093 - Fixed compiler and optimizer bugs.  The BPF filter engine uses unsigned
 1094   comparison operators, while the code generator and optimizer assumed
 1095   signed semantics in several places.  Thanks to Charlie Slater
 1096   (cslater@imatek.com) for pointing this out.
 1098 - Removed FDDI ifdef's, they aren't really needed. Resulted from report
 1099   by Gary Veum (veum@boa.gsfc.nasa.gov).
 1101 - Add pcap-null.c which allows offline use of libpcap on systems that
 1102   don't support live package capture. This feature resulting from a
 1103   request from Jan van Oorschot (j.p.m.voorschot@et.tudelft.nl).
 1105 - Make bpf_compile() reentrant. Fix thanks to Pascal Hennequin
 1106   (Pascal.Hennequin@hugo.int-evry.fr).
 1108 - Port to GNU autoconf.
 1110 - Fix pcap-dlpi.c to work with isdn. Resulted from report by Flemming
 1111   Johansen (fsj@csd.cri.dk).
 1113 - Handle multi-digit interface unit numbers (aka ppa's) under dlpi.
 1114   Resulted from report by Daniel Ehrlich (ehrlich@cse.psu.edu).
 1116 - Fix pcap-dlpi.c to work in non-promiscuous mode. Resulted from report
 1117   by Jeff Murphy (jcmurphy@acsu.buffalo.edu).
 1119 - Add support for "long jumps". Thanks to Jeffrey Mogul
 1120   (mogul@pa.dec.com).
 1122 - Fix minor problems when compiling with BDEBUG as noticed by Scott
 1123   Bertilson (scott@unet.umn.edu).
 1125 - Declare sys_errlist "const char *const" to avoid problems under
 1126   FreeBSD. Resulted from report by jher@eden.com.
 1128 v0.0.6 Fri Apr 28 04:07:13 PDT 1995
 1130 - Add missing variable declaration missing from 0.0.6
 1132 v0.0.5 Fri Apr 28 00:22:21 PDT 1995
 1134 - Workaround for problems when pcap_read() returns 0 due to the timeout
 1135   expiring.
 1137 v0.0.4 Thu Apr 20 20:41:48 PDT 1995
 1139 - Change configuration to not use gcc v2 flags with gcc v1.
 1141 - Fixed a bug in pcap_next(); if pcap_dispatch() returns 0, pcap_next()
 1142   should also return 0. Thanks to Richard Stevens (rstevens@noao.edu).
 1144 - Fixed configure to test for snoop before dlpi to avoid problems under
 1145   IRIX 5. Thanks to J. Eric Townsend (jet@abulafia.genmagic.com).
 1147 - Hack around deficiency in Ultrix's make.
 1149 - Fix two bugs related to the Solaris pre-5.3.2 bufmod bug; handle
 1150   savefiles that have more than snapshot bytes of data in them (so we
 1151   can read old savefiles) and avoid writing such files.
 1153 - Added checkioctl which is used with gcc to check that the
 1154   "fixincludes" script has been run.
 1156 v0.0.3 Tue Oct 18 18:13:46 PDT 1994
 1158 - Fixed configure to test for snoop before dlpi to avoid problems under
 1159   IRIX 5. Thanks to J. Eric Townsend (jet@abulafia.genmagic.com).
 1161 v0.0.2 Wed Oct 12 20:56:37 PDT 1994
 1163 - Implement timeout in the dlpi pcap_open_live(). Thanks to Richard
 1164   Stevens.
 1166 - Determine pcap link type from dlpi media type. Resulted from report
 1167   by Mahesh Jethanandani (mahesh@npix.com).
 1169 v0.0.1 Fri Jun 24 14:50:57 PDT 1994
 1171 - Fixed bug in nit_setflags() in pcap-snit.c. The streams ioctl timeout
 1172   wasn't being initialized sometimes resulting in an "NIOCSFLAGS:
 1173   Invalid argument" error under OSF/1. Reported by Matt Day
 1174   (mday@artisoft.com) and Danny Mitzel (dmitzel@whitney.hitc.com).
 1176 - Turn on FDDI support by default.
 1178 v0.0 Mon Jun 20 19:20:16 PDT 1994
 1180 - Initial release.
 1182 - Fixed bug with greater/less keywords, reported by Mark Andrews
 1183   (mandrews@alias.com).
 1185 - Fix bug where '|' was defined as BPF_AND instead of BPF_OR, reported
 1186   by Elan Amir (elan@leeb.cs.berkeley.edu).
 1188 - Machines with little-endian byte ordering are supported thanks to
 1189   Jeff Mogul.
 1191 - Add hack for version 2.3 savefiles which don't have caplen and len
 1192   swapped thanks to Vern Paxson.
 1194 - Added "&&" and "||" aliases for "and" and "or" thanks to Vern Paxson.
 1196 - Added length, inbound and outbound keywords.