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    1 .TH LESSECHO 1 "Version 562: 19 May 2020"
    2 .SH NAME
    3 lessecho \- expand metacharacters
    5 .B lessecho
    6 .I "[-ox] [-cx] [-pn] [-dn] [-mx] [-nn] [-ex] [-a] file ..."
    8 .I lessecho
    9 is a program that simply echos its arguments on standard output.
   10 But any metacharacter in the output is preceded by an "escape"
   11 character, which by default is a backslash.
   13 A summary of options is included below.
   14 .TP
   15 .B \-ex
   16 Specifies "x", rather than backslash, to be the escape char for metachars.
   17 If x is "-", no escape char is used and arguments containing metachars
   18 are surrounded by quotes instead.
   19 .TP
   20 .B \-ox
   21 Specifies "x", rather than double-quote, to be the open quote character,
   22 which is used if the -e- option is specified.
   23 .TP
   24 .B \-cx
   25 Specifies "x" to be the close quote character.
   26 .TP
   27 .B \-pn
   28 Specifies "n" to be the open quote character, as an integer.
   29 .TP
   30 .B \-dn
   31 Specifies "n" to be the close quote character, as an integer.
   32 .TP
   33 .B \-mx
   34 Specifies "x" to be a metachar.
   35 By default, no characters are considered metachars.
   36 .TP
   37 .B \-nn
   38 Specifies "n" to be a metachar, as an integer.
   39 .TP
   40 .B \-fn
   41 Specifies "n" to be the escape char for metachars, as an integer.
   42 .TP
   43 .B \-a
   44 Specifies that all arguments are to be quoted.
   45 The default is that only arguments containing metacharacters are quoted
   46 .SH "SEE ALSO"
   47 .BR less (1)
   48 .SH AUTHOR
   49 This manual page was written by Thomas Schoepf <schoepf@debian.org>,
   50 for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).
   51 .PP
   52 Send bug reports or comments to bug-less@gnu.org.