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Kotlin Libraries

This part of the project contains the sources of the following libraries:

These libraries are built as a part of the root Gradle project.

Kotlin Maven Tools

This area of the project is the root for Maven build.

You can work with the maven modules of this maven project in IDEA from the root IDEA project. After importing you'll be able to explore maven projects and run goals directly from IDEA with the instruments on the right sidebar.


You need to install a recent (at least 3.3) Maven distribution.

Before building this Maven project you need to build and install the required artifacts built with Gradle to the local maven repository, by issuing the following command in the root project:

./gradlew install

Note: on Windows type gradlew without the leading ./

This command assembles and puts the artifacts to the local maven repository to be used by the subsequent maven build. See also root ReadMe.md, section "Building".

Then you can build maven artifacts with Maven:

mvn install

If your maven build is failing with Out-Of-Memory errors, set JVM options for maven in MAVEN_OPTS environment variable like this: