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ICU 65.1  65.1
icu::UMemory Class Reference

UMemory is the common ICU base class. More...

#include <uobject.h>

Inheritance diagram for icu::UMemory:
icu::ByteSink icu::BytesTrie icu::BytesTrie::Iterator icu::BytesTrie::State icu::CaseMap icu::ConstrainedFieldPosition icu::Edits icu::Edits::Iterator icu::ErrorCode icu::FormattedDateInterval icu::FormattedList icu::FormattedRelativeDateTime icu::IDNAInfo icu::Locale::ConvertingIterator< Iter, Conv > icu::Locale::RangeIterator< Iter > icu::LocaleMatcher icu::LocaleMatcher::Builder icu::LocaleMatcher::Result icu::MessagePattern::Part icu::number::FormattedNumber icu::number::FormattedNumberRange icu::number::impl::Grouper icu::number::impl::MacroProps icu::number::impl::Padder icu::number::impl::RangeMacroProps icu::number::impl::SymbolsWrapper icu::number::IntegerWidth icu::number::LocalizedNumberFormatter icu::number::LocalizedNumberRangeFormatter icu::number::Notation icu::number::Precision icu::number::Scale icu::number::UnlocalizedNumberFormatter icu::number::UnlocalizedNumberRangeFormatter icu::SimpleFormatter icu::StringPiece icu::TimeZoneNames::MatchInfoCollection icu::UCharsTrie icu::UCharsTrie::Iterator icu::UCharsTrie::State icu::UObject

Detailed Description

UMemory is the common ICU base class.

All other ICU C++ classes are derived from UMemory (starting with ICU 2.4).

This is primarily to make it possible and simple to override the C++ memory management by adding new/delete operators to this base class.

To override ALL ICU memory management, including that from plain C code, replace the allocation functions declared in cmemory.h

UMemory does not contain any virtual functions. Common "boilerplate" functions are defined in UObject.

ICU 2.4

Definition at line 115 of file uobject.h.

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