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    1 i2c-tools CHANGES
    2 -----------------
    4 4.3 (2021-07-22)
    5   decode-dimms: Attempt to decode LPDDR3 modules
    6   eeprom, eepromer: Removed the tools in favor of eeprog
    7   i2cdetect: Sort the bus list by number
    8   i2cdump: Add range support to I2C block mode
    9            Deprecate SMBus block mode
   10   i2cget: Add support for I2C block read
   11           Add support for SMBus block read
   12   i2ctransfer: Reverted check for returned length from driver
   14 4.2 (2020-09-22)
   15   manpages: Add BUGS section to let people know how to contact us
   16   Makefile: Allow to preset all CFLAGS and LDFLAGS variables
   17   tools: Consistently use snprintf instead of sprintf
   18          Restrict addresses 0x03-0x07, too (defined by I2C standard)
   19   decode-dimms: Print SPD revision for DDR3 too
   20                 Print primary bus width for DDR3 and DDR4
   21                 List ee1004 as a candidate driver
   22                 Display MAC for DDR3
   23                 Add MAC abbreviation for DDR4
   24                 Round DDR4 speed properly
   25                 Detect and report truncated input files
   26                 Print kernel driver used
   27                 Print DDR memory speed in MT/s
   28                 Add DDR5 memory types
   29                 Decode manufacturing data for LPDDR3
   30                 Fix the version string
   31                 Point the user to the right drivers
   32                 Update the list of vendors to Jedec JEP106BB
   33   decode-vaio: Add support for the at24 driver
   34                Scan more i2c buses
   35   i2cset: Fix short writes with mask
   36   i2ctransfer: Mention '-a' everywhere in the manpage
   37                Support messages using I2C_M_RECV_LEN
   38                Add check for returned length from driver
   39   i2c-stub-from-dump: Read dumps from hexdump -C
   40   library: Add a manual page to document the API
   42 4.1 (2018-11-30)
   43   Makefile: Make STRIP, DESTDIR and PREFIX overridable
   44   tools: Fix potential buffer overflows in i2cbusses
   45          Fix build race
   46          Allow usage of reserved addresses with the '-a' flag
   47   decode-dimms: Add preliminary DDR4 support
   48                 Decode size and timings of DDR4
   49                 Decode misc parameters of DDR4
   50                 Decode physical characteristics of DDR4
   51                 Documentation update for DDR4
   52                 Verify the CRC of DDR4 data block 1
   53                 Update manufacturer IDs (JEP106AX)
   54   eeprog: Fix ambiguous parentheses
   55           Fix build race
   56   i2ctransfer: Rename option '-f' to '-a' for consistency
   57   i2c-dev.h: Delete
   58   library: Fix build race
   59            Allow disabling the dynamic flavor
   60            Mention the correct license in source files
   61   py-smbus: Fix i2c_smbus_* error propagation
   63 4.0 (2017-10-30)
   64   tools: Fix build with recent compilers (gcc 4.6+)
   65          Add examples to the manual pages
   66   README: Clarify licenses
   67           Mention the current maintainer
   68   decode-dimms: Decode module configuration type of DDR2 SDRAM
   69                 Decode bus width extension of DDR3 SDRAM
   70                 Don't choke when no EEPROM is found
   71                 Don't make columns larger than they need to be
   72                 Make side-by-side output more robust
   73                 Print module organization of DDR SDRAM
   74                 Merge cells by default in side-by-side output
   75                 Print extra timing values of DDR SDRAM
   76                 Print DDR and DDR2 core timings for all supported CAS values
   77                 Print DDR2 equivalent speed of tCK max
   78                 Don't print undefined DDR2 SDRAM timings
   79 		Print SDR, DDR, DDR2, DDR3 core timings for all standard speeds
   80                 Update manufacturer IDs
   81                 Make DDR3 manufacturer count parity error non-fatal
   82                 Strip former manufacturer name in side-by-side output mode
   83                 Remove duplicate "ns" in SDR timings
   84                 Add section headers for SDR modules
   85                 Fix decoding of SDR SPD revision
   86                 Prevent hang on reserved DDR3 module type
   87                 Decode more DDR3 module types
   88                 Fix DDR3 tRAS decoding
   89                 Fix DDR3 core timings rounding
   90                 Round down PC3 numbers to comply with Jedec
   91                 Don't print the DDR3 time bases
   92                 Decode the FTB fields of DDR3 tCk, tAA, tRCD, tRP and tRC
   93                 Fix speed and PC3 number of high-speed DDR3 modules
   94                 Decode DDR3 reference card revision
   95                 Print width of all known DDR3 module types
   96                 Print physical characteristics for all DDR3 module types
   97                 Don't print raw SSTE32882 register values
   98                 Add support for Load Reduced DIMM (LRDIMM) DDR3 modules
   99                 Fully decode the DDR3 SDRAM Device Type field
  100                 Fix DDR3 extended temp range refresh rate decoding
  101                 Encode "degrees" to HTML degree symbol
  102                 Generate XHTML 1.1 compliant markup
  103                 Add a manual page
  104                 Correctly check for out-of-bounds vendor ID
  105                 Update manufacturer IDs (JEP106AQ)
  106   decode-vaio: Add a manual page
  107   eeprog: Add a manual page
  108           Moved to a separate subdirectory
  109           Increase delay after writes
  110   eeprom: Add a manual page
  111           Marked as deprecated
  112   eepromer: Add a manual page
  113             Marked as deprecated
  114   i2cdetect: Do a best effort detection if functionality is missing
  115              Clarify the SMBus commands used for probing by default
  116   i2ctransfer: New tool to send user-defined I2C messages in one transfer
  117   i2c-dev.h: Minimize differences with kernel flavor
  118              Move SMBus helper functions to include/i2c/smbus.h
  119   i2c-stub-from-dump: Be more tolerant on input dump format
  120   library: New libi2c library
  121            Properly propagate real error codes on read errors
  122            Use I2C_SMBUS_BLOCK_MAX instead of hard-coding 32
  123   lib/smbus.c: Add missing include which was causing a build error
  124   py-smbus: Fix module level docs
  125             Add support for python 3
  127 3.1.0 (2011-12-04)
  128   decode-dimms: Decode module configuration type of DDR SDRAM
  129                 Decode refresh rate of DDR SDRAM
  130                 Add support for the at24 kernel driver
  131   i2c-dev.h: Make value arrays const for block write functions
  132   i2cset: Add support for SMBus and I2C block writes
  133           Removed obsolete method to specify value mask
  134           More stringent parameter validation
  136 3.0.3 (2010-12-12)
  137   Makefile: Let the environment set CC and CFLAGS
  138             Integrate py-smbus into the build system
  139   README: Point users to the linux-i2c mailing list
  140   decode-dimms: Handle CRC of FB-DIMM and DDR3 SDRAM memory modules
  141                 Add support for DDR3 SDRAM
  142                 Fix decoding of SDR SDRAM bytes 12-14
  143                 Add side-by-side formatting option
  144                 Add merged cells formatting option
  145                 Try harder to decode the manufacturing date
  146                 Handle read errors on sysfs
  147                 Decode voltage interface level of DDR SDRAM
  148   decode-xeon: Delete
  149   eepromer: Fix array initialization overrun
  150   i2cdetect: Drop legacy reference to ISA bus
  151   i2cset: Add support for short writes with PEC
  152   i2c-stub-from-dump: Use udev settle to speed up initialization
  153                       Unload i2c-stub automatically if needed
  154                       Add support for multiple dumps
  155   tools: Properly handle /dev/i2c not being a directory
  156          Increase limit on I2C bus number
  158 3.0.2 (2008-11-29)
  159   i2c-dev.h: Drop I2C_FUNC_SMBUS_*I2C_BLOCK_2 defines
  160   decode-dimms: Add support for little-endian word hexdumps
  161                 Only export the ceil function from POSIX
  162   decode-vaio: Remove history
  163   i2cdetect: Support i2c bus passed by name
  164              Shorten the usage message
  165   i2cdump: Support i2c bus passed by name
  166            Shorten the usage message
  167            Restrict the chip address to 0x03-0x77
  168            Split the functionality checking code into a separate function
  169            Better error message on missing adapter functionality
  170   i2cget: Support i2c bus passed by name
  171           Shorten the usage message
  172           Better error message on missing adapter functionality
  173   i2cset: Support i2c bus passed by name
  174           Shorten the usage message
  175           Restrict the chip address to 0x03-0x77
  176           Split the code into several functions for clarity
  177           Add support for short writes (SMBus send byte)
  178           Better error message on missing adapter functionality
  179           Set the data value mask with -m
  180           Make reading back the written value optional
  181   i2c-stub-from-dump: Add support for partial dumps
  182                       Report if only garbage is found in dump file
  183                       Behave properly when i2c-stub is already loaded
  184                       Stop on i2cset error
  186 3.0.1 (2008-04-04)
  187   Drop the trailing .pl from all perl script names
  188   decode-dimms: Fix DDR2 SDRAM module speed decoding
  189                 Update manufacturer IDs
  190                 Don't print anything by default if checksum fails
  191                 Decode all DDR2 SDRAM timing information
  192                 Add support for reading SPD data from hexdumps
  193                 Make command line parsing more robust
  194   decode-vaio: Private data might not be readable by non-root users
  195                Print the asset tag
  196                Fix the timestamp decoding
  197   i2cdump: Fix I2C block mode error code
  198            Remove man page reference to hardware monitoring chips
  199            Let the user specify a register range
  200   i2cset: Final status messages go to stdout
  201           Return success even when readback fails or doesn't match
  202   i2c-stub-from-dump: New helper script to use with i2c-stub
  204 3.0.0 (2007-10-14)
  205   Initial release