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Member "hdparm-9.60/wiper/Changelog" (12 Oct 2016, 1810 Bytes) of package /linux/misc/hdparm-9.60.tar.gz:

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    1 wiper.sh-3.5
    2 	- don't skip Group 0 on ext* filesystems
    3 wiper.sh-3.4
    4 	- updated to allow all SCSI_DISK_MAJOR numbers, not just "8"
    5 wiper.sh-3.3
    6 	- remove need for external "rdev" utility, to keep Suse/Redhat/Fedora users happy
    8 wiper.sh-3.2
    9 	-limits the trimmed blocks to the size of the hfsplus/ntfs filesystem
   11 wiper.sh-3.1
   12 	- updated contrib/raid1ext4trim.sh script to v1.4, courtesy of Chris Caputo
   13 	- new flag to enable unattended operation, and handle SIGPIPE
   14 	- basic compatibility with latest Redhat/Fedora systems that lack the rdev command
   15 	- support hfsplus and ntfs filesystem types, courtesy of Heiko Wegeler
   16 	- hfsplus/ntfs notes from Heiko Wegeler:
   18 	Icat and fsstat from package sleuthkit version >=3.1.1 is required for hfsplus. A outdated icat is in Debian
   19 	package tct, the right icat is a link in package sleuthkit to ->/etc/alternatives/icat->/usr/bin/icat-sleuthkit.
   20 	Sleuthkit from Ubuntu 10.4 LTS is too old, you need a local build in /usr/local/bin. Fedora 14 works. 
   21 	Fedora13+updates should work.
   23 	Win-7 tests from a kvm installation: 
   24 	ok: "ntfs" compiletest and win-7 checkdsk after trim 
   25 	ok: "ntfs 8k cluster" same test 
   26 	ok: "ntfs with compressed files" same test 
   27 	ok: "ntfs with encrypted files" same test after decrypt
   28 	Win-XP:
   29 	ok: Systemdrive boots after trim and chkdsk.
   31 	MacOS 10.4.5 tests from the MacOS-installer: 
   32 	ok: "mac os extended (journaled)" compiletest and macos-verify after trim
   33 	ok: "mac os extended" same test 
   34 	ok: "mac os extended (case sensitive, journaled)"  same test 
   35 	ok: "mac os extended (case sensitive)" same test
   36 	ok: "mac os standard" wiper says:offline TRIM not supported for hfs filesystems, aborting.  
   37 	ok: "unix file system" wiper says: offline TRIM not supported for ufs filesystems, aborting.
   38 	not tested: "msdos filesystem" and raids