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    1 Begin4
    2 Title:		hdparm
    3 Version:	9.60
    4 Entered-date:	2020-11-21
    5 Description:	hdparm - get/set hard disk parameters for Linux SATA/IDE drives.
    6 		v9.60 Add support for ioSafe Solo with jMicron USB/SATA bridge, courtesy Matthias-Christian Ott
    7 		v9.59 various minor fixes
    8 		v9.58 fixed -I crash on non-ATA
    9 		v9.57 added --set-sector-size, general support for non-512 byte partitions
   10 		v9.56 fixed --Istdout, added --Iraw
   11 		v9.55 #include <sys/sysmacros.h>
   12 		v9.54 partial revert of JMicron changes.
   13 		v9.53 Read Drive Capacity fixes, SET MAX ADDRESS fixes, fwdownload fixes.
   14 		v9.52 added JMicron USB-SATA bridge support, courtesy Jan Friesse <jfriesse@gmail.com>.
   15 		v9.51 minor fixes/tweaks, new --security-prompt-for-password flag.
   16 		v9.50 minor fixes for sanitize device stuff.
   17 		v9.49 bugfixes and ACS-3 enhancements.
   18 		v9.48 fix devslp bugs
   19 		v9.47 devslp reporting support
   20 		v9.46 added "hex:xxxxxxxx" format for binary security passwords; misc small fixes
   21 		v9.45 fixed fibmap block size; other minor stuff.
   22 		v9.44 better sgio compatibility with kernel; fwdownload mode "E"; longer erase timeout; etc.
   23 		v9.43 rearrange flag execution so that the idle/standby/sleep "now" flags are executed last.
   24 		v9.42 lots of fixes from the sourceforge queue
   25 		v9.41 updated SCT identification, other small fixes.
   26 		v9.40 internal release
   27 		v9.39 Added -R, courtesy of Gordan Bobic
   28 		v9.38 Added -J, fixed erase timeouts, updated wiper.sh
   29 		v9.37 Enable --fibmap to work on RAID1; other tweaks
   30 		v9.36 manpage updates, wiper.sh version 3.1
   31 		v9.35 Fixed CDB breakage from v9.34; -B works again now
   32 		v9.34 Fixed CDB transfer length bug that affected some commands
   33 		v9.33 Fixed AHCI issues; fixed compilation on older systems
   34 		v9.32 Fixed various commands broken since 9.27.  Eg. -B, -M, etc..
   35 		v9.31 Fixed security-erase issues; changed default of --user-master to user
   36 		v9.30 Restrict LBA range counts for TRIM to what the drive reports it can handle
   37 		v9.29 Assorted fixes, updated wiper.sh, made trim compatible with many more SSDs
   38 		v9.28 Assorted fixes, updated wiper.sh
   39 		v9.27 Fix compatibility with old IDE drivers; was broken for many versions now
   40 		v9.26 Fix old -i model-name bug; fixed --security-erase-enhanced; other fixes
   41 		v9.25 Limit --trim-sector-ranges-stdin to max_sectors_kb per TRIM command
   42 		v9.24 Fixed nasty malloc() bug in --trim-sector-ranges code
   43 		v9.23 Added --trim-sector-ranges-stdin flag
   44 		v9.22 Workaround ext4 FEIMAP bug, revamped wiper.sh with xfs support
   45 		v9.21 Fixes and speedups to wiper.sh script; no changes to hdparm itself
   46 		v9.20 Reworked --trim-sector-ranges; replaced b0rked wiper scripts with wiper.sh
   47 		v9.19 Fixed compile of fallocate.c on older systems; fixed manpage for --fallocate
   48 		v9.18 Fixed -E (set streaming) for DVD drives
   49 		v9.17 Lots of changes to support SSD TRIM functionality
   50 		v9.16 Fixed/tested --fwdownload flags; fixed other bugs
   51 		v9.15 Fix big-endian bugs
   52 		v9.14 Show TRIM support in -I; use O_RDONLY when opening the device
   53 		v9.13 Fix --direct for arch's other than x86 (eg. arm); strip -i strings
   54 		v9.12 Lots of -I updates, -C updates; -B now reports current APM setting
   55 		v9.11 Fixed -I for ATAPI; added --prefer-ata12 for some USB enclosures
   56 		v9.10 Fixes for CF card detection/reporting
   57 		v9.9 Recalculate cyls when kernel returns a truncated value
   58 		v9.8 FIX -N for non-LBA48 drives
   59 		v9.7 FIX LBA28/48 BUGS, favour ATA_12 over ATA_16 when possible (helps with USB)
   60 		v9.6 fix -N for 1.5TB drives
   61 		v9.5 byteswap ID strings in fwdownload workarounds
   62 		v9.4 nuked --fwdownload80 in favour of model-specific workarounds
   63 		v9.3 new --idle-immediate and --idle-unload commands
   64 		v9.2 fix WWN (worldwide name) output from -I
   65 		v9.1 tidy output of --dco-identify, update manpage
   66 		v9.0 new --dco-* and --fwdownload flags, sg16 fixes, updated debian subdir
   67 		v8.9 make compatible with /sys/block symlinks
   68 		v8.8 bug fixes from v8.7, including -r, -a, -Q
   69 		v8.7 new sysfs support, fibmap, misc fixes
   70 		v8.6 add partition safeguards to r/w/b sector flags
   71 		v8.5 fix broken --security-* commands (buggy passwd in all prior 8.x versions)
   72 		v8.4 fix broken --write-sector from v8.3
   73 		v8.3 use exit(errno) on program completion; fix udma6 display for -i
   74 		v8.2 fixed sector ops (and other stuff) to work with non-libata IDE driver again
   75 		v8.1 fixed -U, updated -I info
   76 		v8.0 some fixes, lots of new features (eg. --make-bad-sector and friends)
   77 		v7.7 fixed bug with incorrect settings shown after -W0 (and others)
   78 		v7.6 new -F flag; re-allow use of --security-freeze with other flags
   79 		v7.5 beef up warnings for -s1: Joe User should never use this flag!
   80 		v7.4 added CFA advanced timing info
   81 		v7.3 fixed version number; much better SAT compliance
   82 		v7.2 fixed breakage when used with old IDE driver
   83 		v7.1 big-endian fixes for -I, --Istdin, --Istdout
   84 		v7.0 major overhaul, proper SATA support, new features and tweaks
   85 		v6.9 --Istdin fix, new -s flag, new SCT reporting, fixed -T x2 error..
   86 		v6.8 improve parsing/operation of --Istdin function
   87 		v6.7 misc fixes, new -H flag, fixed -C flag
   88 		v6.6 fix build on Redhat/Fedora
   89 		v6.5 fix -I bugs introduced in v6.4
   90 		v6.4 major update for -I, bug fix for -C
   91 		v6.3 report ATA revisions > 7
   92 		v6.2 major rework of ATA Security Commands
   93 		v6.1 bug fix for BLKGETSIZE
   94 		v6.0 bug fix for BLKGETSIZE64; new ATA Security Commands
   95 		v5.9 bug fix: -W1/-W0 now work again
   96 		v5.8 minor fixes
   97 		v5.7 bug fixes, --direct flag (O_DIRECT), other enhancements
   98 		v5.6 cleanups, new "-Istdout" flag, removed MAJOR-nr restrictions
   99 		v5.5 added debian scripts, minor fixes
  100 		v5.4 lots of fixes/updates, new timing measurement code
  101 		v5.3 endian fixes, other stuff
  102 		v5.2 compile fixes for 2.5.xx
  103 		v5.1 fixed segfault in "-i" on older drives
  104 		v5.0 lots of updates and new features
  105 		v4.9 fixed compile error with 2.5.xx kernels
  106 		v4.8 changed -Q to allow specifying queue depth
  107 		v4.7 added -z, -Q, -M flags; expanded parm range for -p
  108 		v4.6 manpage updates, version number corrections
  109 		v4.5 cleanups, mostly courtesy of Maciej W. Rozycki
  110 		v4.4 added -b option get/set bus state
  111 		v4.3 use unsigned format for most stuff
  112 		v4.2 lots of updates, rewritten -I option
  113 		v4.0 no such version ever released
  114 		v3.9 support for ide[6-9], more cosmetics
  115 		v3.8 added -E, -R, and -U options; cosmetic fixes
  116 		v3.7 added UDMA mode display
  117 		v3.6 mostly cosmetic fixes, xt & ide4+ide5 support
  118 		v3.5 fixed udma display/compile for older kernels
  119 		v3.4 mostly cosmetic updates
  120 		v3.3 add -C, -y, -Y flags for power management
  121 		v3.2 flush buffer cache after -t or -T
  122 		v3.1 add support for "-p[6789]"
  123 		v3.0 move cache timings to new -T option
  124 		v2.9 update author's email addr; document -I option
  125 		v2.8 some fixes; removed "Estimating raw driver speed" from -t
  126 		v2.7 fixed "hdparm -c" (broke in 2.6); fixed .lsm file
  127 		v2.6 added "-p" flag to set IDE interface chipset PIO modes
  128 		v2.5 cosmetic fixes, manpage clarifications
  129 		v2.4 added support for -d (DMA) flag
  130 		v2.3 added runtime flags for 32-bit mode; fixed -t for SCSI.
  131 		v2.0 adds zillions of features for the new (E)IDE driver
  132 Keywords:	ide eide ata atapi performance kernel cd cdrom disk device driver
  133 Author:		mlord@pobox.com (Mark Lord)
  134 Maintained-by:	mlord@pobox.com (Mark Lord)
  135 Primary-site:	http://sourceforge.net/projects/hdparm/
  136 Alternate-site:	http://www.ibiblio.org/pub/Linux/system/hardware
  137 		154K hdparm-9.60.tar.gz
  138 		7K hdparm.lsm
  139 Platforms:	Linux
  140 Copying-policy:	BSD License
  141 End