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    1 #
    2 # Copyright (c} 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005
    3 #	2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2013 Tama Communications Corporation
    4 #
    5 # This file is part of GNU GLOBAL.
    6 #
    7 # This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
    8 # it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
    9 # the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
   10 # (at your option) any later version.
   11 # 
   12 # This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
   13 # but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
   15 # GNU General Public License for more details.
   16 # 
   17 # You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
   18 # along with this program.  If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.
   19 #
   20 # This file is converted to the following files:
   21 #	o command source file (for usage and help).
   22 #	o man format reference manual.
   23 #	o texinfo format reference manual.
   24 #
   25 @HEADER	HTAGS,1,June 2013,GNU Project
   26 @NAME	htags - generate a hypertext from a set of source files
   28 	@name{htags} [-aDfFghInosTvw][-d @arg{dbpath}][-m @arg{name}][-t @arg{title}][@arg{dir}]
   30 	@name{Htags} generates a hypertext from a set of source files of
   31 	C, Yacc, Java, PHP and assembly.
   33 	In advance of using this command, you should execute @xref{gtags,1}
   34 	in the root directory of a source project.
   35 	Then you can execute @name{htags} in the same place.
   36 	@name{Htags} makes a directory named @file{HTML}, and puts a hypertext in it.
   37 	You can start browsing at @file{HTML/index.html}.
   39 	Since @name{htags} generates a static hypertext as long as neither @option{-D}
   40 	nor @option{-f} option is not specified, you can move it anywhere and browse it
   41 	by any browser without any HTTP server. If you use @option{-D} or @option{-f}
   42 	option, you need to use HTTP server. Though any HTTP server is available,
   43 	@xref{htags-server,1} is recommended.
   45 	This command has so many options.
   46 	If you are new to @name{htags}, it is recommended to use @option{--suggest} option.
   47 	With that option, @name{htags} chooses popular options on your behalf.
   48 @OPTIONS
   49 	The following options are available:
   51 	@begin_itemize
   52 	@item{@option{-a}, @option{--alphabet}}
   53 		Make an alphabetical index suitable for a large project.
   54 	@item{@option{--auto-completion}[=@arg{limit}]}
   55 		Enable auto-completion facility for the input form.
   56 		If @arg{limit} is specified, number of candidates is limited to the value.
   57 		Please note this function requires javascript language in your browser.
   58 	@item{@option{-C}, @option{--directory} @arg{dir}}
   59 		Change the directory before doing all the work including parameter analysis.
   60 	@item{@option{--caution}}
   61 		Display a caution message on the top page.
   62 	@item{@option{--cflow} @arg{cflowfile}}
   63 		Add a call tree by @xref{cflow,1}. @arg{cflowfile} must be posix format.
   64 		If you use GNU @name{cflow}, invoke the command at the project root
   65 		directory with the @option{--format=posix} option.
   66 		This option is deprecated; please use @option{--call-tree} or
   67 		@option{--callee-tree} instead.
   68 	@item{@option{--call-tree} @arg{callfile}}
   69 		Add a call tree by @xref{cflow,1}; @arg{callfile} must be posix format.
   70 		If you use GNU @name{cflow}, invoke the command at the project root
   71 		directory with the @option{--format=posix} option.
   72 	@item{@option{--callee-tree} @arg{calleefile}}
   73 		Add a callee tree by @xref{cflow,1}; @arg{calleefile} must be posix format.
   74 		If you use GNU @name{cflow}, invoke the command at the project root
   75 		directory with the @option{--format=posix} and @option{--reverse} options.
   76 	@item{@option{--colorize-warned-line}}
   77 		Use color to highlight warned lines.
   78 	@item{@option{--cvsweb} @arg{url}}
   79 		Add a link to cvsweb; @arg{url} is used as the base of URL.
   80 		When directory @file{CVS} exists in the root directory of the project,
   81 		the content of @file{CVS/Repository} is used as the relative path from the base.
   82 	@item{@option{--cvsweb-cvsroot} @arg{cvsroot}}
   83 		Specify cvsroot in cvsweb URL.
   84 	@item{@option{-D}, @option{--dynamic}}
   85 		Generate a tag list dynamically using CGI program.
   86 		Though this option decreases both the size and generation time of
   87 		hypertext, you need to start up HTTP server.
   88 	@item{@option{-d}, @option{--dbpath} @arg{dbpath}}
   89 		Specify the directory in which @file{GTAGS} exists.
   90 		The default is the current directory.
   91 	@item{@option{--disable-grep}}
   92 		Disable @name{grep} in the search form (@option{-f}, @option{--form}).
   93 	@item{@option{--disable-idutils}}
   94 		Disable @name{idutils} in the search form (@option{-f}, @option{--form}).
   95 	@item{@option{-F}, @option{--frame}}
   96 		Use frames for the top page.
   97 	@item{@option{-f}, @option{--form}}
   98 		Add a search form using CGI program.
   99 		You need to start a HTTP server for it.
  100 	@item{@option{--fixed-guide}}
  101 		Put a fixed guide at the bottom of the screen of the browser.
  102 	@item{@option{--full-path}}
  103 		Use full path name in the file index.
  104 		By default, use just the last component of a path.
  105 	@item{@option{-g}, @option{--gtags}}
  106 		Execute @xref{gtags,1} before starting job.
  107 		The @option{-v}, @option{-w} and @arg{dbpath} options are
  108 		passed to @name{gtags}.
  109 	@item{@option{--gtagsconf} @arg{file}}
  110 		Set environment variable @var{GTAGSCONF} to @arg{file}.
  111 	@item{@option{--gtagslabel} @arg{label}}
  112 		Set environment variable @var{GTAGSLABEL} to @arg{label}.
  113 	@item{@option{-h}, @option{--func-header}[=@arg{position}]}
  114 		Insert a function header for each function.
  115 		By default, @name{htags} doesn't generate them.
  116 		You can choose the position using @arg{position},
  117 		which allows one of @val{before}, @val{right} or @val{after} (default).
  118 	@item{@option{--help}}
  119 		Print a usage message.
  120 	@item{@option{--html-header} @arg{file}}
  121 		Insert a header record derived from @arg{file}
  122 		into the HTML header of each file.
  123 	@item{@option{-I}, @option{--icon}}
  124 		Use icons instead of text for some links.
  125 	@item{@option{--insert-footer} @arg{file}}
  126 		Insert custom footer derived from @arg{file} before @code{</body>} tag.
  127 	@item{@option{--insert-header} @arg{file}}
  128 		Insert custom header derived from @arg{file} after @code{<body>} tag.
  129 	@item{@option{--item-order} @arg{spec}}
  130 		Specify the order of the items in the top page.
  131 		The @arg{spec} is a string consisting of item signs in order.
  132 		Each sign means as follows:
  133 		@val{c}: caution; @val{s}: search form;
  134 		@val{m}: mains; @val{d}: definitions; @val{f}: files; @val{t}: call tree.
  135 		The default is @val{csmdf}.
  136 	@item{@option{-m}, @option{--main-func} @arg{name}}
  137 		Specify startup function name; the default is @val{main}.
  138 	@item{@option{--map-file}}
  139 		Generate file @file{MAP}.
  140 	@item{@option{-n}, @option{--line-number}[=@arg{columns}]}
  141 		Print line numbers. By default, don't print line numbers.
  142 		The default value of @arg{columns} is 4.
  143 	@item{@option{--no-order-list}}
  144 		Numbers are not given in list form.
  145 	@item{@option{-o}, @option{--other}}
  146 		Pick up not only source files but also other files for the file index.
  147 	@item{@option{-s}, @option{--symbol}}
  148 		Make anchors not only for definitions and references
  149 		but also other symbols.
  150 	@item{@option{--show-position}}
  151 		Print the position string per function definition. The string can be
  152 		interpreted by general editors in UNIX. The default is false.
  153 	@item{@option{--statistics}}
  154 		Print statistics information.
  155 	@item{@option{--suggest}}
  156 		@name{Htags} chooses popular options on behalf of beginners.
  157 		It is equivalent to
  158 		@option{-aghInosTxv --show-position --fixed-guide}
  159 		now.
  160 	@item{@option{--suggest2}}
  161 		@name{Htags} chooses popular options on behalf of beginners.
  162 		This option enables frame, AJAX and CGI facility in addition
  163 		to the facilities by the @option{--suggest} option.
  164 		It is equivalent to
  165 		@option{--suggest  -DfF --auto-completion --tree-view=filetree}
  166 		now.
  167 	@item{@option{-T}, @option{--table-flist}[=@arg{rows}]}
  168 		Use @code{<table>} tag to display the file index.
  169 		You can optionally specify the number of rows; the default is 5.
  170 	@item{@option{-t}, @option{--title} @arg{title}}
  171 		Title of the hypertext.
  172 		The default is the last component of the path of the current directory.
  173 	@item{@option{--tabs} @arg{cols}}
  174 		Tab stops. The default is 8.
  175 	@item{@option{--table-list}}
  176 		Use @code{<table>} tag to display the tag list.
  177 	@item{@option{--tree-view}[=@arg{type}]}
  178 		Use treeview for the file index.
  179 		Please note this function requires javascript language in your browser.
  180 		Possible values of @arg{type} are as follows: @arg{treeview}, @arg{filetree},
  181 		@arg{treeview-red}, @arg{treeview-black}, @arg{treeview-gray},
  182 		@arg{treeview-famfamfam}. The default is @arg{treeview}.
  183 	@item{@option{-v}, @option{--verbose}}
  184 		Verbose mode.
  185 	@item{@option{--version}}
  186 		Show version number.
  187 	@item{@option{-w}, @option{--warning}}
  188 		Print warning messages.
  189 	@item{@arg{dir}}
  190 		The directory in which the result of this command is stored.
  191 		The default is the current directory.
  192 	@end_itemize
  194 	@begin_verbatim
  195 	$ gtags -v
  196 	$ htags -sanohITvt 'Welcome to XXX source tour!'
  197 	$ firefox HTML/index.html
  199 	$ htags --suggest2
  200 	$ htags-server >& log &
  201 	$ firefox
  202 	@end_verbatim
  203 @FILES
  204 	@begin_itemize
  205 	@item{@file{GTAGS}}
  206 		Tag file for definitions.
  207 	@item{@file{GRTAGS}}
  208 		Tag file for references.
  209 	@item{@file{GPATH}}
  210 		Tag file for source files.
  211 	@item{@file{gtags.conf}, @file{$HOME/.globalrc}}
  212 		Configuration data for GNU GLOBAL.
  213 		See @xref{gtags.conf,5}.
  214 	@item{@file{HTML/FILEMAP}}
  215 		Mapping file for converting file name into the path of the file.
  216 	@item{@file{HTML/GTAGSROOT}}
  217 		If this file exists, CGI program @file{global.cgi} sets
  218 		environment variable @var{GTAGSROOT} to the contents of it.
  219 		If you move directory @file{HTML} from the original place,
  220 		please make this file.
  221 	@item{@file{HTML/.htaccess}}
  222 		Local configuration file for Apache. This file is generated when
  223 		the @option{-f} or @option{-D} options are specified.
  224 	@item{@file{HTML/index.html}}
  225 		Start-up file.
  226 	@item{@file{HTML/MAP}}
  227 		Mapping file for converting tag name into the path of tag list.
  228 	@item{@file{HTML/style.css}}
  229 		Style sheet file.
  230 	@item{@file{/usr/local/share/gtags/style.css.tmpl}}
  231 		The template of the style sheet file (@file{HTML/style.css}).
  232 	@end_itemize
  234 	The following environment variables affect the execution of @name{htags}:
  236 	@begin_itemize
  237 	@item{@var{GTAGSCACHE}}
  238 		The size of the B-tree cache. The default is 50000000 (bytes).
  239 	@item{@var{GTAGSCONF}}
  240 		Configuration file.
  241 	@item{@var{GTAGSLABEL}}
  242 		Configuration label. The default is @val{default}.
  243 	@item{@var{HTAGS_OPTIONS}}
  244 		The value of this variable is inserted in the head of arguments.
  245 	@item{@var{TMPDIR}}
  246 		The location used to stored temporary files. The default is @file{/tmp}.
  247         @item{@var{GTAGSFORCECPP}}
  248 		If this variable is set, each file whose suffix is @file{.h} is treated
  249 		as a C++ source file.
  250 	@end_itemize
  252 	The following configuration variables affect the execution of @name{htags}:
  254 	@begin_itemize
  255 	@item{@code{datadir}(string)}
  256 		Shared data directory. The default is @file{/usr/local/share} but
  257 		you can change the value using configure script.
  258 		@name{Htags} looks up template files in the @file{gtags} directory
  259 		in this data directory.
  260 	@item{@code{include_file_suffixes}(comma separated list)}
  261 		Suffixes of include files. The default is:@br
  263 	@item{@code{langmap}(comma separated list)}
  264 		Language mapping. Each comma-separated map consists of
  265 		the language name, a colon, and a list of file extensions.
  266 		Default mapping is:@br
  267 		@samp{@DEFAULTLANGMAP@}.
  268 	@end_itemize
  270 	@name{Htags} exits with a non-0 value if an error occurred, 0 otherwise.
  271 @SEE ALSO
  272 	@xref{htags-server,1},
  273 	@xref{global,1},
  274 	@xref{gtags,1},
  275 	@xref{gtags.conf,5}.
  277         GNU GLOBAL source code tag system@br
  278         (http://www.gnu.org/software/global/).
  279 @BUG
  280 	Generated hypertext is VERY LARGE.
  281 	In advance, check the space of your disk.
  283 	PHP support is far from complete.
  285 	The @option{-f} and @option{-D} options generate CGI programs.
  286 	If you open the hypertext to the public, please recognize security dangers.
  288 	Htags does not support plug-in parser.
  289 @AUTHOR
  290 	Shigio YAMAGUCHI, Hideki IWAMOTO and others.
  291 @HISTORY
  292 	The @name{htags} command appeared in FreeBSD 2.2.2.