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    1 ___________________________________
    2 |      |  |  |     |  _  |     |  |
    3 |  |___|  |  |  |  |    _|  |  |  |    GNU GLOBAL source code tagging system
    4 |  |   |  |  |  |  |     |     |  |
    5 |  ~~  |   ~~|     |  ~  |  |  |   ~~|          for all hackers.
    6 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    7  Copyright (c) 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012
    8 	2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
    9 	Tama Communications Corporation
   11  This file is free software; as a special exception the author gives
   12  unlimited permission to copy and/or distribute it, with or without
   13  modifications, as long as this notice is preserved.
   15  This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
   16  WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law; without even the
   19 		----------------------------------
   21 Thanks to the following people for their contributions.
   23 Thanks to:		for his(her):
   24 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
   25 A.E. Brouwer		advice about writing code for generic UNIX.
   26 Andrey Butirsky		concept of 'Gtags_Emacs_Like_Mode'.
   27 			bug fix patch for gtags.vim (Gtags command discarded all unsaved changes).
   28 Andrew Gallatin		bug report about generating wrong path.
   29 Andrew Ng		bug fix patch for global/output.c (segmentation violation).
   30 Aneesh Kumar		bug report about beta facility of gtags(1).
   31 Andrés Azar		Cygwin trouble report.
   32 Andy Newman		bug report about treating tab character.
   33 Andy Zhou		bug report about gtags-parser overlook 'extern' prefixed function.
   34 Arne Schmitz		bug report about gtags-parser.
   35 Alain Kalker		patch for global.cgi.tmpl.in to support python's built-in web server.
   36 Alex Ott		profitable information about LFS(Large file support).
   37 Alexander Gusak		bug report about c++ parser's segmentation violation.
   38 Bakken, Luke		bug fix method about stat() in htags(1).
   39 Bert Gijsbers		investigation about mandoc macro and a bug report.
   40 Bob Bentley		bug report about bless.sh and gtags.
   41 Brian Carlstrom		bug fix patch for gtags.
   42 Bvk chaitanya		bug report about global (it cannot find gtags).
   43 Chris Nogradi		patch for libutil/token.c to skip comments correctly.
   44 Christoph Conrad	bug report and advice about S.u.S.E Linux 5.1.
   45 Motoki NODA		bug fix patch for 'global -xsi xxx'.
   46 Daisuke Kawahara	bug report about redefinition in gtags.el.
   47 Dan Fandrich		port to Windows 32 environment.
   48 Darryl Okahata		benchmark report about global(1).
   49 David Aspinwall		port to Cygwin 32 environment.
   50 David Brownlee		advice about fine coding style of C.
   51 David Keegan		patch for support of java 1.5 enums.
   52 David Panariti		patch for a bug fix of exuberant-ctags.c.
   53 Dimitri van Heesch      integration of Doxygen and GLOBAL.
   54 Don Fisher		bug report about the buffer overflow in htags(1).
   55 Dunford, Martin		advice about Windows 32 version of GLOBAL.
   56 Dirk Schultheis		advice about compat.h for Solaris.
   57 Earl Chew		bug fix patch for gtags-visit-rootdir of gtags.el.
   58 Emile Heyns		advice about writing code for generic UNIX.
   59 Erik Jonsson		algorithm for detecting binary file.
   60 Eric Paire		bug report about gtags-parser's memory violation.
   61 Fabian Wiget		bug report about --from-here with -i option.
   62 			update of php parser to support php4, php5 and php7.
   63 Frédéric Maitre	bug report about global(1) and gtags(1) at the system root directory.
   64 Gary Kline		advice about the name of parser.
   65 Gautam Thaker		concept of Nearness sort (-N, --nearness).
   66 Geoffrey Robson		bug report about global (-t option didn't work correctly).
   67 George Neville-Neil	report about the useless inspection of gtags(1).
   68 Giuseppe Corbelli	Global.py for glimmer code editor and an advice about vim.
   69 Gordon Grimes		bug report about the java parser of gtags.
   70 Gustaf Waldemarson	bug report and advices about tag files corruption.
   71 Hageseter, Trond E.	bug report about gtags-parser.
   72 Hendrik Visage		bug report about gtags-parser(here document of PHP).
   73 Hideaki Okada		idea about -g option of global(1).
   74 Hideki Iwamoto		many bug reports, fixes and improvements about GLOBAL.
   75 			See also AUTHORS file.
   76 Hideki Mori		advice about the name of parser.
   77 Hidetaka KOIE		bug report and advice about configure.in for Solaris7.
   78 Hiroshi MIURA		idea about printing file name on browser's status bar.
   79 Hirohito Kato		bug fix patch for gtags-parser to pick up objects in extern "C" {...} block.
   80 Hiroyuki KOBAYASHI	bug report and fix patch for gtags-parser(1).
   81 James Ahlborn		bug fix patch for the java parser of gtags(1) to skip annotations.
   82 Jason Hood		port to DJGPP and Mingw32, and many important bug reports & fixes.
   83 			He also contributed to much of the --color and --literal option of global(1).
   84 			He also done many bug fixes and improvements of the C++ parser of gtags(1).
   85 			He also corrected a lot of grammatical mistakes of online manuals.
   86 Jean-Marc Saffroy	idea to skip all files whoes first character of name is '.'.
   87 			profitable information about LFS(Large file support).
   88 			idea and code about gtags-find-all-text-files of gtags.el.
   89 Jeff Trawick		idea about -l option of htags(1).
   90 Jeroen Roovers		bug report about htags/Makefile.am.
   91 Jianbin Kang		bug report about segmentation fault of gtags(1).
   92 Jonathan Jacobs		bug report about --from-here option of global(1).
   93 Jordan K. Hubbard	idea about supporting BSD's obj directory.
   94 Jos Backus		bug report about global.cgi.
   95 Julien Gilles		idea about -T option of global(1).
   96 Jun Inoue		idea about generation of lex symbol.
   97 Jun Obama		improvements on gtags.el.
   98 Justin Tripp		software evaluation for GNU standard.
   99 Justin Wojdacki		bug report about htags(1).
  100 K. Chowksey		new command gtags-select-tag-other-window and gtags-find-tag-other-window.
  101 Kai Tetzlaff		cooperation in Windows version.
  102 Katsuyuki Okabe		advice about deciding emacs version.
  103 Kevin Farshaw		replacement of @prefix@/lib with @libdir@ in gtags.conf.
  104 Klaus Borchers		advice about deciding emacs version.
  105 Koen Hufkens		advice about HP-UX 10.x.
  106 Koie Hidetaka		bug report about global.conf.
  107 Leo Liu			idea about the --path-style=shorter option.
  108 			idea about project based gtags.conf.
  109 			bug report about the combination of -v and -g option.
  110 			bug report about the --from-here with a path includes symbolic links.
  111 			Besides very much bug reports and suggestions.
  112 Lewis Lin		A patch to avoid encountering KeyError exception in pygments_parser.py.
  113 Marc Herbert		bug fix of libutil/xargs.c.
  114 Marcello Nuccio		bug report about globash.rc.
  115 Marco Corvi		advice about Digital Unix 4.0C.
  116 Marcus Harnisch		suggestion about the --skip-unreadable option of gtags(1).
  117 Marius Gedminas		bug report and fix patch for htags(1).
  118 Mark Nudelman		GLOBAL tag support on less(1).
  119 Marty Leisner		advice about --version option and some bug reports.
  120 Manolis Ragkousis	suggestion and patch for PATH_MAX for GNU/Hurd systems.
  121 Masahiro Fujiwara	bug report and fix patch for htags(1).
  122 Masashi YAMAGUCHI	suggestion and patch about how to display path names in gtags.el.
  123 Masato Yoshida		bug report and fix method about <NOFRAME> tag.
  124 Mathieu Virbel		bug report and fix patch about dead symbolic link for gtags(1).
  125 Motonori Iwamuro	bug report and fix method about strbuf_fgets function.
  126 Mikolaj Sitarz		suggestion of the --single-update option of gtags(1).
  127 Michael Tocci		bug report about the C++ parser.
  128 Oleg Checkulaev		advice about writing code for generic UNIX.
  129 Oliver Paukstadt	idea about -c (gzipped html) option of htags(1).
  130 Patrick Strasser	many bug reports about htags(1).
  131 Paul Lew		advice about the build in Solaris environment.
  132 Paulius Bulotas		bug report and fix patch for gozilla(1).
  133 Pawel Wilk		idea about home_etc facility on PLD Linux/GNU.
  134 Pavel Zhukov		bug report about the duplicate symbol error with the -fno-common of gcc.
  135 Per Nordlöw		bug report that gtags-parser(1) cannot treat 'extern "C" { ... }'.
  136 Peter Münster		bug report that gtags lose enum member.
  137 Philip Hands		advice on improving security of global(1).
  138 Philippe Defert		building on many plat-homes and the problem report.
  139 Pavel Nedev		bug report about a defect when GTAGSLIBPATH + compact format.
  140 Ray Simard		detailed investigation about POSIX dirent(3).
  141 Richard Stallman	advice about gtags.el and GNU style packaging.
  142 Rob Fitzgerald		bug fix patch for global(1).
  143 Rohit Grover		bug report about GLOBAL's packaging.
  144 Ron Lee			Debian package, htmake(1) and many bug reports.
  145 Rongsong Shen		bug report about gtags(1).
  146 Rui Lopes		report about build error in *BSD and revision of term.
  147 Punit Agrawal		bug report about gozilla(1).
  148 Ruppert Koch		bug report about htags(1).
  149 S Kaicho		bug report about htags(1).
  150 Sadaichi Hayashida	idea about generating relative path.
  151 Satoru SATOH		profitable material for the support of XHTML.
  152 Sanpei Yoshiro Mihira	bug report of xargs.c in Windows 32.
  153 Sean Farley		bug report of gozilla's wrong installation method.
  154 Seigo Ishigane		patch for pygments_parser.py.in needed in python3 + Windows.
  155 Sergio Talens-Oliag	writing on-line manual for systags(1).
  156 Shankar Chakkere	useful method to use vim editor with GLOBAL.
  157 Shigeyuki Yamano	idea about -h option of htags(1).
  158 Shuichi KITAGUCHI	bug report in the built-in parser of gtags.
  159 Silas S. Brown		proofreading about manuals.
  160 Simon Dommett		many bug reports and fix patches.
  161 			He also rewrote GLOBAL's comments in the Doxygen style.
  162 Stephen Huntley		bug report about htags(1).
  163 Sven Verdoolaege	support for gtags.pl(nvi-1.81.5).
  164 Steve Kirkendall	two commands of Elvis for external tagging system.
  165 Takao Yamashita		advice about assembly parsing.
  166 Takeshi Hojo		idea about compact format of gtags(1).
  167 Tero Saarni		bug report about long line problem of htags(1).
  168 Thomas Gerigk		bug report about skip variable in gtags.conf.
  169 Thomas Klausner		report about groff's command error of *.1.
  170 Thomas Viehweger	patch for gtags.el to support XEmacs.
  171 Tim Vanderhoek		GLOBAL tag support on more(1).
  172 Tobias Polzin		suggestion about correct treatment of CVS repository in htags.
  173 			He also changed gtags.el to leave visited files after 'gtags-pop-stack'.
  174 			He also reported C++ parsing problem with constructors and destructors.
  175 			He also contributed to the concept and implementation of completion
  176 			facility for 'gtags-find-file' in gtags.el.
  177 Tomohiko Morioka	advice about deciding emacs version.
  178 Tomohiro Matsuyama	bug report about buffer overflow error of libutil/token.c.
  179 			suggestion of making the -i option effective with the -c command.
  180 Tom Russell		bug report about parsing error at function definitions with comment.
  181 Tom Tromey		GTAGS target in automake.
  182 Tomi Ollila		proposal of adding (provide 'gtags) to gtags.el.
  183 Toshiyasu Kojima	advice about deciding emacs version.
  184 Tu Do			bug reports about the C++ parser of gtags.
  185 Van Trinh		bug report about db(3) and patch information.
  186 Wang, Lei AO.		bug report about 4G limitation of libdb.
  187 Wes Wojtas		bug report about htags's segmentation fault.
  188 Whity Pig		bug fix patch for global(1) on Cygwin environment.
  189 William Xu		bug report about the --color option (abs2rel's bug).
  190 Wolfgang Helbig		bug report about generating wrong path name.
  191 xing du			bug report about gtags.vim. (The -P option didn't work)
  192 Yann Dirson		many bug reports and many valuable suggestions.
  193 Yoshiharu Ito		advice about SunOS 4.1.3, and a bug report about configure.ac.
  194 Yoshinori Tomita	advice about compat.h for Solaris.
  195 Yoshitaro Makise	bug fix patch for the uncompress problem of output.c.
  196 			He is also the author of Pygments plug-in parser.
  197 Y. Yoshinaga		advice about makefile for Debian GNU/Linux.
  198 Yun sheng		bug report about global -u, gtags.vim and gtags-cscope.vim.
  199 Yushi Oka		bug report about config path and improvements of gtags-mode
  200 			(gtags-select-buffer-single, gtags-ignore-case).
  201 赵映洁			bug report about pygments_parser.py.in.
  202 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  204 If you cannot find your contributions on this list or you find mistakes,
  205 please send to bug-global@gnu.org. Thanks.