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    1 git-mergetool(1)
    2 ================
    4 NAME
    5 ----
    6 git-mergetool - Run merge conflict resolution tools to resolve merge conflicts
    9 --------
   10 [verse]
   11 'git mergetool' [--tool=<tool>] [-y | --[no-]prompt] [<file>...]
   14 -----------
   16 Use `git mergetool` to run one of several merge utilities to resolve
   17 merge conflicts.  It is typically run after 'git merge'.
   19 If one or more <file> parameters are given, the merge tool program will
   20 be run to resolve differences on each file (skipping those without
   21 conflicts).  Specifying a directory will include all unresolved files in
   22 that path.  If no <file> names are specified, 'git mergetool' will run
   23 the merge tool program on every file with merge conflicts.
   26 -------
   27 -t <tool>::
   28 --tool=<tool>::
   29 	Use the merge resolution program specified by <tool>.
   30 	Valid values include emerge, gvimdiff, kdiff3,
   31 	meld, vimdiff, and tortoisemerge. Run `git mergetool --tool-help`
   32 	for the list of valid <tool> settings.
   33 +
   34 If a merge resolution program is not specified, 'git mergetool'
   35 will use the configuration variable `merge.tool`.  If the
   36 configuration variable `merge.tool` is not set, 'git mergetool'
   37 will pick a suitable default.
   38 +
   39 You can explicitly provide a full path to the tool by setting the
   40 configuration variable `mergetool.<tool>.path`. For example, you
   41 can configure the absolute path to kdiff3 by setting
   42 `mergetool.kdiff3.path`. Otherwise, 'git mergetool' assumes the
   43 tool is available in PATH.
   44 +
   45 Instead of running one of the known merge tool programs,
   46 'git mergetool' can be customized to run an alternative program
   47 by specifying the command line to invoke in a configuration
   48 variable `mergetool.<tool>.cmd`.
   49 +
   50 When 'git mergetool' is invoked with this tool (either through the
   51 `-t` or `--tool` option or the `merge.tool` configuration
   52 variable) the configured command line will be invoked with `$BASE`
   53 set to the name of a temporary file containing the common base for
   54 the merge, if available; `$LOCAL` set to the name of a temporary
   55 file containing the contents of the file on the current branch;
   56 `$REMOTE` set to the name of a temporary file containing the
   57 contents of the file to be merged, and `$MERGED` set to the name
   58 of the file to which the merge tool should write the result of the
   59 merge resolution.
   60 +
   61 If the custom merge tool correctly indicates the success of a
   62 merge resolution with its exit code, then the configuration
   63 variable `mergetool.<tool>.trustExitCode` can be set to `true`.
   64 Otherwise, 'git mergetool' will prompt the user to indicate the
   65 success of the resolution after the custom tool has exited.
   67 --tool-help::
   68 	Print a list of merge tools that may be used with `--tool`.
   70 -y::
   71 --no-prompt::
   72 	Don't prompt before each invocation of the merge resolution
   73 	program.
   74 	This is the default if the merge resolution program is
   75 	explicitly specified with the `--tool` option or with the
   76 	`merge.tool` configuration variable.
   78 --prompt::
   79 	Prompt before each invocation of the merge resolution program
   80 	to give the user a chance to skip the path.
   82 -g::
   83 --gui::
   84 	When 'git-mergetool' is invoked with the `-g` or `--gui` option
   85 	the default merge tool will be read from the configured
   86 	`merge.guitool` variable instead of `merge.tool`.
   88 --no-gui::
   89 	This overrides a previous `-g` or `--gui` setting and reads the
   90 	default merge tool will be read from the configured `merge.tool`
   91 	variable.
   93 -O<orderfile>::
   94 	Process files in the order specified in the
   95 	<orderfile>, which has one shell glob pattern per line.
   96 	This overrides the `diff.orderFile` configuration variable
   97 	(see linkgit:git-config[1]).  To cancel `diff.orderFile`,
   98 	use `-O/dev/null`.
  101 ---------------
  102 `git mergetool` creates `*.orig` backup files while resolving merges.
  103 These are safe to remove once a file has been merged and its
  104 `git mergetool` session has completed.
  106 Setting the `mergetool.keepBackup` configuration variable to `false`
  107 causes `git mergetool` to automatically remove the backup as files
  108 are successfully merged.
  110 GIT
  111 ---
  112 Part of the linkgit:git[1] suite