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    1 Git v2.4.6 Release Notes
    2 ========================
    4 Fixes since v2.4.5
    5 ------------------
    7  * "git fetch --depth=<depth>" and "git clone --depth=<depth>" issued
    8    a shallow transfer request even to an upload-pack that does not
    9    support the capability.
   11  * "git fsck" used to ignore missing or invalid objects recorded in reflog.
   13  * The tcsh completion writes a bash scriptlet but that would have
   14    failed for users with noclobber set.
   16  * Recent Mac OS X updates breaks the logic to detect that the machine
   17    is on the AC power in the sample pre-auto-gc script.
   19  * "git format-patch --ignore-if-upstream A..B" did not like to be fed
   20    tags as boundary commits.
   22 Also contains typofixes, documentation updates and trivial code
   23 clean-ups.