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    1 Git v2.4.4 Release Notes
    2 ========================
    4 Fixes since v2.4.3
    5 ------------------
    7  * l10n updates for German.
    9  * An earlier leakfix to bitmap testing code was incomplete.
   11  * "git clean pathspec..." tried to lstat(2) and complain even for
   12    paths outside the given pathspec.
   14  * Communication between the HTTP server and http_backend process can
   15    lead to a dead-lock when relaying a large ref negotiation request.
   16    Diagnose the situation better, and mitigate it by reading such a
   17    request first into core (to a reasonable limit).
   19  * The clean/smudge interface did not work well when filtering an
   20    empty contents (failed and then passed the empty input through).
   21    It can be argued that a filter that produces anything but empty for
   22    an empty input is nonsense, but if the user wants to do strange
   23    things, then why not?
   25  * Make "git stash something --help" error out, so that users can
   26    safely say "git stash drop --help".
   28  * Clarify that "log --raw" and "log --format=raw" are unrelated
   29    concepts.
   31  * Catch a programmer mistake to feed a pointer not an array to
   32    ARRAY_SIZE() macro, by using a couple of GCC extensions.
   34 Also contains typofixes, documentation updates and trivial code
   35 clean-ups.