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    1 Git v1.7.1.1 Release Notes
    2 ==========================
    4 Fixes since v1.7.1
    5 ------------------
    7  * Authentication over http transport can now be made lazily, in that the
    8    request can first go to a URL without username, get a 401 response and
    9    then the client will ask for the username to use.
   11  * We used to mistakenly think "../work" is a subdirectory of the current
   12    directory when we are in "../work-xyz".
   14  * The attribute mechanism now allows an entry that uses an attribute
   15    macro that set/unset one attribute, immediately followed by an
   16    overriding setting; this makes attribute macros much easier to use.
   18  * We didn't recognize timezone "Z" as a synonym for "UTC" (75b37e70).
   20  * In 1.7.0, read-tree and user commands that use the mechanism such as
   21    checkout and merge were fixed to handle switching between branches one
   22    of which has a file while the other has a directory at the same path
   23    correctly even when there are some "confusing" pathnames in them.  But
   24    the algorithm used for this fix was suboptimal and had a terrible
   25    performance degradation especially in larger trees.
   27  * "git am -3" did not show diagnosis when the patch in the message was corrupt.
   29  * After "git apply --whitespace=fix" removed trailing blank lines in an
   30    patch in a patch series, it failed to apply later patches that depend
   31    on the presence of such blank lines.
   33  * "git bundle --stdin" segfaulted.
   35  * "git checkout" and "git rebase" overwrote paths that are marked "assume
   36    unchanged".
   38  * "git commit --amend" on a commit with an invalid author-name line that
   39    lacks the display name didn't work.
   41  * "git describe" did not tie-break tags that point at the same commit
   42    correctly; newer ones are preferred by paying attention to the
   43    tagger date now.
   45  * "git diff" used to tell underlying xdiff machinery to work very hard to
   46    minimize the output, but this often was spending too many extra cycles
   47    for very little gain.
   49  * "git diff --color" did not paint extended diff headers per line
   50    (i.e. the coloring escape sequence didn't end at the end of line),
   51    which confused "less -R".
   53  * "git fetch" over HTTP verifies the downloaded packfiles more robustly.
   55  * The memory usage by "git index-pack" (run during "git fetch" and "git
   56    push") got leaner.
   58  * "GIT_DIR=foo.git git init --bare bar.git" created foo.git instead of bar.git.
   60  * "git log --abbrev=$num --format='%h' ignored --abbrev=$num.
   62  * "git ls-files ../out/side/cwd" refused to work.
   64  * "git merge --log" used to replace the custom message given by "-m" with
   65    the shortlog, instead of appending to it.
   67  * "git notes copy" without any other argument segfaulted.
   69  * "git pull" accepted "--dry-run", gave it to underlying "git fetch" but
   70    ignored the option itself, resulting in a bogus attempt to merge
   71    unrelated commit.
   73  * "git rebase" did not faithfully reproduce a malformed author ident, that
   74    is often seen in a repository converted from foreign SCMs.
   76  * "git reset --hard" started from a wrong directory and a working tree in
   77    a nonstandard location is in use got confused.
   79  * "git send-email" lacked a way to specify the domainname used in the
   80    EHLO/HELO exchange, causing rejected connection from picky servers.
   81    It learned --smtp-domain option to solve this issue.
   83  * "git send-email" did not declare a content-transfer-encoding and
   84    content-type even when its payload needs to be sent in 8-bit.
   86  * "git show -C -C" and other corner cases lost diff metainfo output
   87    in 1.7.0.
   89  * "git stash" incorrectly lost paths in the working tree that were
   90    previously removed from the index.
   92  * "git status" stopped refreshing the index by mistake in 1.7.1.
   94  * "git status" showed excess "hints" even when advice.statusHints is set to false.
   96 And other minor fixes and documentation updates.