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    1 GIT v1.5.0.2 Release Notes
    2 ==========================
    4 Fixes since v1.5.0.1
    5 --------------------
    7 * Bugfixes
    9   - Automated merge conflict handling when changes to symbolic
   10     links conflicted were completely broken.  The merge-resolve
   11     strategy created a regular file with conflict markers in it
   12     in place of the symbolic link.  The default strategy,
   13     merge-recursive was even more broken.  It removed the path
   14     that was pointed at by the symbolic link.  Both of these
   15     problems have been fixed.
   17   - 'git diff maint master next' did not correctly give combined
   18     diff across three trees.
   20   - 'git fast-import' portability fix for Solaris.
   22   - 'git show-ref --verify' without arguments did not error out
   23     but segfaulted.
   25   - 'git diff :tracked-file `pwd`/an-untracked-file' gave an extra
   26     slashes after a/ and b/.
   28   - 'git format-patch' produced too long filenames if the commit
   29     message had too long line at the beginning.
   31   - Running 'make all' and then without changing anything
   32     running 'make install' still rebuilt some files.  This
   33     was inconvenient when building as yourself and then
   34     installing as root (especially problematic when the source
   35     directory is on NFS and root is mapped to nobody).
   37   - 'git-rerere' failed to deal with two unconflicted paths that
   38     sorted next to each other.
   40   - 'git-rerere' attempted to open(2) a symlink and failed if
   41     there was a conflict.  Since a conflicting change to a
   42     symlink would not benefit from rerere anyway, the command
   43     now ignores conflicting changes to symlinks.
   45   - 'git-repack' did not like to pass more than 64 arguments
   46     internally to underlying 'rev-list' logic, which made it
   47     impossible to repack after accumulating many (small) packs
   48     in the repository.
   50   - 'git-diff' to review the combined diff during a conflicted
   51     merge were not reading the working tree version correctly
   52     when changes to a symbolic link conflicted.  It should have
   53     read the data using readlink(2) but read from the regular
   54     file the symbolic link pointed at.
   56   - 'git-remote' did not like period in a remote's name.
   58 * Documentation updates
   60   - added and clarified core.bare, core.legacyheaders configurations.
   62   - updated "git-clone --depth" documentation.
   65 * Assorted git-gui fixes.