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    1 This is a list of some of the things I plan to work on for future releases
    2 of gFTP. If there is something you feel should be included in a future
    3 version of gFTP, please email me about it.
    5 * PATH_MAX may not be defined on the system
    6 * SITE command - give option to not specify SITE
    8 * I need to be able to send an event from the core library to the presentation
    9   layer to have it ask the user a question. I need this for the SSL layer so 
   10   that if an unknown certificate authority signed the certificate, the user
   11   can be prompted whether or not to accept it. Also, it would be handy to 
   12   prompt the user for their password if a bad password was entered. 
   13 * HTTP - keepalive
   14 * Support tabbed interface in GTK+ port
   15 * Parallel chdir in GTK+ port
   16 * GTK 2.0 port - make 2 buttons in toolbar be the same size as the gnome 2
   17   icons
   18 * Be able to save the state of the transfer queue. Be able to pause transfers.
   19 * -d command line, check if it's a file first, if so download. If not, grab directory
   20 * Add option for @dynamic@ for bookmarks' account
   21 * Playing sounds after certain events or calling external program
   22 * Ratio support
   23 * Recursive directory compares
   24 * Make it be able to download a directory as directory.tar
   25 * Make it execute a program on a url (say rpm -qpi ftp://site.com/file.rpm)
   26 * Full Gnome compatibility.
   27 * Add registered file extensions to options dialog
   28 * Multiline VMS directory listings
   29   BIN.DIR;1               
   30        2/35         24-JUL-2003 10:51:02  [TST,JAQUAY_TST]    (RWE,RWE,RWE,RE)
   31 * HTTP: Support CONNECT method in Squid proxy
   32 * Add support for SRP protocol (http://srp.stanford.edu/srp)
   33 * Add support for DAV protocol
   34 * Add support for rsync protocol
   36 Brian Masney <masneyb@gftp.org>