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    1 TODO
    2 ====
    4 -additional documentation on extending getmail's capabilities
    6 DONE
    7 ====
    9 -distutils setup script
   10 -convert POP3-based classes to use the MixIn classes for
   11   SSL and non-SSL connections.
   12 -fix every-other-message problem with delete
   13 -break retrievers.py into smaller units
   14 -Multidrop IMAP support
   15 -make delete work with previously retrieved messages, and add delete_after
   16 -max_message_size
   17 -fix --quiet (first two lines output)
   18 -max_messages_per_session
   19 -make output cleaner when hitting max_messages_per_session
   20 -message_log
   21 -message_log_syslog
   22 -add "user" and "group" parameters to destinations and filters
   23   that run in separate processes.
   24 -add allow_root_commands
   25 -allow command delivery in MultiSorter
   26 -add specified-section for program destinations in MultiSorter
   27 -port getmail_maildir and getmail_mbox wrappers
   28 -finish/clean up qmail-local destination
   29 -do something about the #! line in the scripts?  distutils now does this.
   30 -finish documentation
   31 -man pages
   32 -flush out getmailrc-example
   33 -Filter_TMDA filter class
   34 -RPM package
   35 -rewrite the distutils setup script to properly allow the user to specify
   36   alternate installation directories for types of files
   37 -remove the raise statements in the outermost exception handlers from
   38   the main script (when leaving beta)