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    1 Known bugs
    2 ==========
    4 None.
    6 Reporting bugs
    7 ==============
    9 Regarding packages/ports/emerges/etc
   10 ------------------------------------
   12 CRITICAL:  if you are using a "package"/"emerge"/"port" of getmail, DO NOT
   13 REPORT PROBLEMS TO ME if that package makes changes to the original getmail
   14 code; if the package includes patches or other changes to the getmail code,
   15 report the problem to your OS vendor or packager -- only they can help you with
   16 problems introduced by their packaging of getmail.
   18 If you're not sure whether the package you're using is an unmodified version of
   19 getmail, I can help you determine that.  Make sure to include a URL to the
   20 package you installed in your email.
   22 To packagers: feel free to contact me regarding your packaging of getmail, and
   23 any issues you might have with getmail as I distribute it.  If you think
   24 changes to getmail are necessary for your package, let's discuss it -- maybe
   25 the changes you want would be good for all getmail users, and I can integrate
   26 them into the trunk.  If you *do* distribute a modified version of getmail,
   27 please make a good-faith effort at ensuring that anyone using your package
   28 knows that the version you distribute differs from mine, and the reasons for
   29 the changes.
   31 Before reporting a problem
   32 --------------------------
   34 If you want to report a getmail problem to me, please ensure
   36   -you are running the latest version of getmail from the
   37   website at http://pyropus.ca/software/getmail/
   39   -you have installed getmail from the .tar.gz file I provide
   41 Then follow the rest of the instructions below.
   43 How to report a problem with getmail
   44 ------------------------------------
   46 IMPORTANT:  Please include the output of 
   48   getmail [your usual options] --dump
   50 and a copy of your getmail rc file(s) (with password masked) with any bug 
   51 report.
   53 If you find a bug in getmail, please either join the getmail users' mailing
   54 list and report it there (preferred), or send it to me at 
   55 <charlesc-getmail-bugs @ pyropus.ca>.
   57 You can join the getmail users' mailing list by sending a (blank) message
   58 to <getmail-subscribe @ lists.pyropus.ca>.