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    1 /*
    2 ** 2010-06-13 - A new dialog, which scratches an itch: if a program uses the "string with separator" way of showing lists,
    3 **      it ought to provide a more user-friendly way of editing the list. Visual Studio hurts, in this department,
    4 **      and up to now gentoo has, too. One of those is fixed, now.
    5 */
    7 /* Editor function, returns TRUE if the contents of 'value' are to be kept. */
    8 typedef gboolean    (*LDlgItemEditor)(GString *value, gpointer user);
   10 extern void ldl_dialog_sync_new_wait(gchar *list, gsize max, gunichar separator, const gchar *title);
   11 extern void ldl_dialog_sync_new_full_wait(gchar *list, gsize max, gunichar separator, const gchar *title, LDlgItemEditor editor, gpointer user);