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    1   Copyright (C) 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015,
    2   2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
    4   Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification,
    5   are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
    6   notice and this notice are preserved.
    8 README:
   10 This is GNU Awk 5.1.0. It is upwardly compatible with Brian Kernighan's
   11 version of Unix awk.  It is almost completely compliant with the
   12 2018 POSIX 1003.1 standard for awk. (See the note below about POSIX.)
   14 This is a major release. See NEWS and ChangeLog for details.
   16 Work to be done is described briefly in the TODO file, which is available
   17 only in the 'master' branch in the Git repo.
   19 Changes in this version are summarized in the NEWS file.
   21 Read the file POSIX.STD for a discussion of issues where the standard
   22 says one thing but gawk does something different.
   24 To format the documentation with TeX, use at least version 2019-09-20.22
   25 of texinfo.tex. There is a usable copy of texinfo.tex in the doc directory.
   26 You must also use at least version 6.7 of texindex and of makeinfo
   27 from the texinfo-6.7 distribution.
   31 Check whether there is a system-specific README file for your system under
   32 the `README_d' directory.  If there's something there that you should
   33 have read and didn't, and you bug me about it, I'm going to yell at you.
   35 See the file INSTALL for installation instructions.
   37 If you don't have Bison, use the awkgram.c file here.  It was
   38 generated with Bison, and has no proprietary code in it.  (Note that
   39 modifying awkgram.y without Bison will be difficult, at best.  You might
   40 want to get a copy of Bison from the FSF too.)
   42 The build mechanics depend upon Bison. Also, gawk doesn't work correctly
   43 with some versions of yacc, so just use Bison.
   45 If you have an MS-DOS, MS-Windows, or OS/2 system, use the stuff in the `pc'
   46 directory.  Similarly, there is a separate directory for VMS.
   48 Appendix B of ``GAWK: Effective Awk Programming'' discusses configuration
   49 in detail. The configuration process is based on GNU Autoconf and
   50 Automake.
   52 After successful compilation, do `make check' to run the test suite.
   53 There should be no output from the `cmp' invocations except in the
   54 cases where there are small differences in floating point values, and
   55 possibly in the case of strftime.  There may be differences based on
   56 installed (or not installed) locales and the quality of multibyte
   57 character support on your system.
   59 Several of the tests ignore errors on purpose; those are not a problem.
   60 If there are other differences, please investigate and report the problem.
   64 The `doc' directory contains a recent version of texinfo.tex, which will
   65 be necessary for printing the manual.  Use `make dvi' to get a DVI file
   66 from the manual. In the `doc' directory, use `make postscript' to get
   67 PostScript versions of the manual, the man page, and the reference card.
   68 Use `make pdf' to get PDF versions of the manuals, the man page and
   69 the reference card.
   71 BUG REPORTS AND FIXES (Un*x systems):
   73 Please coordinate changes through Arnold Robbins. In particular, see
   74 the section in the manual on reporting bugs. Note that comp.lang.awk
   75 is about the worst place to post a gawk bug report. So too is use of
   76 a web forum such as Stack Overflow. Please, use the mechanisms outlined
   77 in the manual.
   79 Email should be sent to bug-gawk@gnu.org.  This is a separate mailing
   80 list at GNU Central.  The advantage to using this address is that bug
   81 reports are archived at GNU Central.
   83 Arnold Robbins
   85 BUG REPORTS AND FIXES, non-Unix systems:
   87 MS-DOS with DJGPP:
   88 	Juan Manuel Guerrero
   89 	juan.guerrero@gmx.de
   91 MS-Windows with MinGW:
   92 	Eli Zaretskii
   93 	eliz@gnu.org
   95 OS/2:
   96 	Andreas Buening
   97 	andreas.buening@nexgo.de
   99 VMS:
  100 	John Malmberg
  101 	wb8tyw@qsl.net
  103 z/OS (OS/390) Contact:
  104 	Daniel Richard G.
  105 	skunk@iSKUNK.ORG