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    1 - Menus in the top menu bar cannot 
    2   be open using only the keyboard.
    3   Importance: low.
    5 - Scaling a Group,Molecule,Cluster,Cell 
    6   containing Atoms bonded to a different 
    7   Group,Molecule,Cluster,Cell produces
    8   visually awkward images for those Bonds.
    9   Importance: medium.
   11 - Exporting a molecule after rotating it 
   12   produces wrong bonds, when the molecule 
   13   was bonded to another non-rotated molecule, 
   14   because the rendering flags were corrupted.
   15   Importance: high (solution: use a task id).
   17 - Help Current should know when a second level 
   18   dialog is active, to supply better help docs.
   19   Importance: low.
   21 - Add frame, axes to orbital X3D objects.
   22   Importance: medium.