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Installing Flowblade

  1. Installing deb package
    1. Installing Flatpak from Flathub

    2. Installing from your OS repository

    3. Installing using Development Repository Version

    4. Installing with setup.py not supported

      Installing deb package

Step 1. Download and install .deb

NOTE: Flowblade now requires MLT 6.18 that is NOT availble on e.g. Ubuntu 18.04. The reason for this situation is the recent move to Python3.

First download .deb file for Flowblade 2.8 from here.

Double click on .deb file to install it.

On some systems double clicking may not work and you need to install .deb file using terminal:

sudo apt install ./flowblade-2.8.0-1_all.deb

Installing Flatpak from Flathub

1. Setup Flatpak and Flathub

There is an official guide here: https://flatpak.org/setup/

2a. Install using Gnome SOFTWARE

If your distribution has Gnome SOFTWARE application available you can install Flowblade with it. NOTE: There can be two versions of Flowblade in Gnome SOFTWARE, Flatpak version has text dl.flathub.org text

2b. Install from commandline

Give these commands in terminal:

flatpak install --from https://flathub.org/repo/appstream/io.github.jliljebl.Flowblade.flatpakref
flatpak run io.github.jliljebl.Flowblade

Flatpak missing few features

Unfortunately some features are not available via Flatpak install yet.

We are working towards solving these issues.

Installing from your OS repository

The easiest way to install Flowblade is using the version in your OS repository. The downside is that the version available may not be the current latest release. Contact your OS to get latest Flowblade included in repositories if not already available.

Ubuntu, Debian and Linux Mint

sudo apt-get install flowblade


Latest release. Visit the AUR page or use terminal command:

yaourt -S flowblade

Git version. Visit the AUR page or use terminal command:

yaourt -S flowblade-git

Installing using Development Repository Version

Flowblade requires MLT 6.18. If this is not available on your distirution Python 3 bindings have to be build and installed to run repository Flowblade. We have some pointers here: https://github.com/jliljebl/flowblade/blob/master/flowblade-trunk/docs/creating_user_folder_bindings.md

Flowblade is currently a 100% script application, and all the dependencies should be available in popular distributions, so in most cases it should be possible to install and run Flowblade without compiling anything.

Developer version may however be unstable or have new dependencies. If you fail to install developer version, please file a bug in Issues -tab.

Installing with setup.py not supported

Please note: Using the available setup.py script will probably NOT result in a successful installation, even if dependencies are installed, and may actually break the .deb install if attempted. It is only there to help .deb and Flatpak packaging.