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    1 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    2 <service>
    3   <short>Samba DC</short>
    4   <description>This option allows you to use this computer as a Samba Active Directory Domain Controller. You need the samba-dc package installed for this option to be useful.</description>
    5   <port protocol="tcp" port="53"/><!-- DNS -->
    6   <port protocol="udp" port="53"/><!-- DNS -->
    7   <port protocol="tcp" port="88"/><!-- Kerberos -->
    8   <port protocol="udp" port="88"/><!-- Kerberos -->
    9   <port protocol="tcp" port="135"/><!-- End Point Mapper (DCE/RPC Locator Service -->
   10   <port protocol="udp" port="137"/><!-- NetBIOS Name Service -->
   11   <port protocol="udp" port="138"/><!-- NetBIOS Datagram -->
   12   <port protocol="tcp" port="139"/><!-- NetBIOS Session -->
   13   <port protocol="tcp" port="389"/><!-- LDAP -->
   14   <port protocol="udp" port="389"/><!-- CLDAP -->
   15   <port protocol="tcp" port="445"/><!-- SMB over TCP -->
   16   <port protocol="tcp" port="464"/><!-- Kerberos kpasswd -->
   17   <port protocol="udp" port="464"/><!-- Kerberos kpasswd -->
   18   <port protocol="tcp" port="636"/><!-- LDAPS -->
   19   <port protocol="tcp" port="49152-65535"/><!-- Dynamic RPC Ports -->
   20   <port protocol="tcp" port="3268"/><!-- Global Catalog -->
   21   <port protocol="tcp" port="3269"/><!-- Global Catalog SSL -->
   22   <helper name="netbios-ns"/>
   23 </service>