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fail2ban-python − a helper for Fail2Ban to assure that the same Python is used


usage: fail2ban−python [option] ... [−c cmd | −m mod | file | −] [arg] ... Options and arguments (and corresponding environment variables): −B : don’t write .py[co] files on import; also PYTHONDONTWRITEBYTECODE=x −c cmd : program passed in as string (terminates option list) −d : debug output from parser; also PYTHONDEBUG=x −E : ignore PYTHON* environment variables (such as PYTHONPATH) −h : print this help message and exit (also −−help) −i : inspect interactively after running script; forces a prompt even

if stdin does not appear to be a terminal; also PYTHONINSPECT=x

−m mod : run library module as a script (terminates option list) −O : optimize generated bytecode slightly; also PYTHONOPTIMIZE=x −OO : remove doc−strings in addition to the −O optimizations −R : use a pseudo−random salt to make hash() values of various types be

unpredictable between separate invocations of the interpreter, as a defense against denial−of−service attacks

−Q arg : division options: −Qold (default), −Qwarn, −Qwarnall, −Qnew −s : don’t add user site directory to sys.path; also PYTHONNOUSERSITE −S : don’t imply ’import site’ on initialization −t : issue warnings about inconsistent tab usage (−tt: issue errors) −u : unbuffered binary stdout and stderr; also PYTHONUNBUFFERED=x

see man page for details on internal buffering relating to ’−u’

−v : verbose (trace import statements); also PYTHONVERBOSE=x

can be supplied multiple times to increase verbosity

−V : print the Python version number and exit (also −−version) −W arg : warning control; arg is action:message:category:module:lineno


−x : skip first line of source, allowing use of non−Unix forms of #!cmd −3 : warn about Python 3.x incompatibilities that 2to3 cannot trivially fix file : program read from script file − : program read from stdin (default; interactive mode if a tty) arg ...: arguments passed to program in sys.argv[1:]

Other environment variables: PYTHONSTARTUP: file executed on interactive startup (no default) PYTHONPATH : ’:’−separated list of directories prefixed to the
default module search path.

The result is sys.path.

PYTHONHOME : alternate <prefix> directory (or <prefix>:<exec_prefix>).

The default module search path uses <prefix>/pythonX.X.

PYTHONCASEOK : ignore case in ’import’ statements (Windows). PYTHONIOENCODING: Encoding[:errors] used for stdin/stdout/stderr. PYTHONHASHSEED: if this variable is set to ’random’, the effect is the same

as specifying the −R option: a random value is used to seed the hashes of str, bytes and datetime objects. It can also be set to an integer in the range [0,4294967295] to get hash values with a predictable seed.