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title: Reporting bugs

If any part of the etcd project has bugs or documentation mistakes, please let us know by opening an issue. We treat bugs and mistakes very seriously and believe no issue is too small. Before creating a bug report, please check that an issue reporting the same problem does not already exist.

To make the bug report accurate and easy to understand, please try to create bug reports that are:

It may be worthwhile to read Elika Etemad’s article on filing good bug reports before creating a bug report.

We might ask for further information to locate a bug. A duplicated bug report will be closed.

Frequently asked questions

How to get a stack trace

$ kill -QUIT $PID

How to get etcd version

$ etcd --version

How to get etcd configuration and log when it runs as systemd service ‘etcd2.service’

$ sudo systemctl cat etcd2
$ sudo journalctl -u etcd2

Due to an upstream systemd bug, journald may miss the last few log lines when its processes exit. If journalctl says etcd stopped without fatal or panic message, try sudo journalctl -f -t etcd2 to get full log.