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title: Configuration flags

etcd is configurable through a configuration file, various command-line flags, and environment variables.

A reusable configuration file is a YAML file made with name and value of one or more command-line flags described below. In order to use this file, specify the file path as a value to the --config-file flag or ETCD_CONFIG_FILE environment variable. The sample configuration file can be used as a starting point to create a new configuration file as needed.

Options set on the command line take precedence over those from the environment. If a configuration file is provided, other command line flags and environment variables will be ignored. For example, etcd --config-file etcd.conf.yml.sample --data-dir /tmp will ignore the --data-dir flag.

The format of environment variable for flag --my-flag is ETCD_MY_FLAG. It applies to all flags.

The official etcd ports are 2379 for client requests and 2380 for peer communication. The etcd ports can be set to accept TLS traffic, non-TLS traffic, or both TLS and non-TLS traffic.

To start etcd automatically using custom settings at startup in Linux, using a systemd unit is highly recommended.

Member flags




















Clustering flags

--initial-advertise-peer-urls, --initial-cluster, --initial-cluster-state, and --initial-cluster-token flags are used in bootstrapping (static bootstrap, discovery-service bootstrap or runtime reconfiguration) a new member, and ignored when restarting an existing member.

--discovery prefix flags need to be set when using discovery service.















Proxy flags

--proxy prefix flags configures etcd to run in proxy mode. "proxy" supports v2 API only.







Security flags

The security flags help to build a secure etcd cluster.





















Logging flags


Available from v3.4. WARNING: --logger=capnslog to be deprecated in v3.5.



Available from v3.4.


WARNING: to be deprecated in v3.5.


WARNING: to be deprecated in v3.5.

Unsafe flags

Please be CAUTIOUS when using unsafe flags because it will break the guarantees given by the consensus protocol. For example, it may panic if other members in the cluster are still alive. Follow the instructions when using these flags.


Miscellaneous flags



Profiling flags




Auth flags



Experimental flags