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etcd is a distributed key-value store designed to reliably and quickly preserve and provide access to critical data. It enables reliable distributed coordination through distributed locking, leader elections, and write barriers. An etcd cluster is intended for high availability and permanent data storage and retrieval.

Getting started

New etcd users and developers should get started by downloading and building etcd. After getting etcd, follow this quick demo to see the basics of creating and working with an etcd cluster.

Developing with etcd

The easiest way to get started using etcd as a distributed key-value store is to set up a local cluster.

Operating etcd clusters

Administrators who need a fault-tolerant etcd cluster for either development or production should begin with a cluster on multiple machines.

Setting up etcd

System configuration

Platform guides


Maintenance and troubleshooting


To learn more about the concepts and internals behind etcd, read the following pages: