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title: Branch management


The etcd team has adopted a rolling release model and supports two stable versions of etcd.

Master branch

The master branch is our development branch. All new features land here first.

To try new and experimental features, pull master and play with it. Note that master may not be stable because new features may introduce bugs.

Before the release of the next stable version, feature PRs will be frozen. A release manager will be assigned to major/minor version and will lead the etcd community in test, bug-fix and documentation of the release for one to two weeks.

Stable branches

All branches with prefix release- are considered stable branches.

After every minor release (http://semver.org/), we will have a new stable branch for that release, managed by a patch release manager. We will keep fixing the backwards-compatible bugs for the latest two stable releases. A patch release to each supported release branch, incorporating any bug fixes, will be once every two weeks, given any patches.