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    1 E2fsprogs 1.47.0 (February 5, 2023)
    2 ===================================
    4 Updates/Fixes since v1.46.6:
    6 UI and Features
    7 ---------------
    9 Add support for the orphan_file feature, which speeds up workloads that
   10 are deleting or truncating a large number files in parallel.  This
   11 compat feature was first supported in the v5.15 Linux kernel.
   13 The mke2fs program (via the mke2fs.conf file) now enables the
   14 metadata_csum_seed and orphan_file features by default.  The
   15 metadata_csum_seed feature is an incompat feature which is first
   16 supported in the Linux kernel starting in the 4.4 kernel and e2fsprogs
   17 1.43.
   19 Mke2fs now supports the extended option "assume_storage_prezeroed" which
   20 causes mke2fs to skip zeroing the journal and inode tables and to mark
   21 the inode tables as zeroed.
   23 Add support to tune2fs and e2label to set the label and UUID for a
   24 mounted file system using a ioctl, which is more reliable than modifying
   25 the superblock via writing to the block device.  The kernel support for
   26 setting the label landed in v5.17, while the support for adding the UUID
   27 landed in v6.0.  If the ioctls are not supported, tune2fs and e2label
   28 will fall back old strategy of directly modifying the superblock.
   30 Allow tune2fs to disable the casefold feature after scanning all of the
   31 directories do not have the Casefold flag set.
   34 Fixes
   35 -----
   37 Fix a potential unbalanced mutex unlock when there is a short read while
   38 using the bounce buffer when using direct I/O.
   41 Performance, Internal Implementation, Development Support etc.
   42 --------------------------------------------------------------
   44 Fix various Coverity and compiler warnings.
   46 Add the new function ext2fs_xattrs_read_inode() which takes an in-memory
   47 inode to avoid needing to reread an inode that was already read into
   48 memory.
   50 Teach debugfs logdump command the -n option which forces printing a
   51 specified number of transactions, even when a block missing a magic
   52 number would have stopped the logdump.  (This is for debugging
   53 journalling problems.)