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Member "dvdisaster-0.79.5/regtest/database/RS01_fix_additional_sector" (28 Jun 2015, 4412 Bytes) of package /linux/misc/dvdisaster-0.79.5.tar.gz:

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    1 9503f278d4550a9507a317664481adf8
    2 4be4dcc0f6b88965334ccf1050dfa5fa
    3 This software comes with  ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.  This
    4 is free software and you are welcome to redistribute it
    5 under the conditions of the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.
    6 See the file "COPYING" for further information.
    8 Opening rs01-tmp.iso: 21001 medium sectors.
   10 Fix mode(RS01): Repairable sectors will be fixed in the image.
   11 * Warning: Image file is 1 sectors longer than expected.
   12 *          Assuming this is a TAO mode medium.
   13 *          1 sectors will be removed from the image end.
   14 Ecc progress:   1.0%Ecc progress:   2.1%Ecc progress:   3.1%Ecc progress:   4.2%Ecc progress:   5.2%Ecc progress:   6.3%Ecc progress:   7.3%Ecc progress:   8.4%Ecc progress:   9.4%Ecc progress:  10.5%Ecc progress:  11.5%Ecc progress:  12.6%Ecc progress:  13.6%Ecc progress:  14.7%Ecc progress:  15.7%Ecc progress:  16.8%Ecc progress:  17.8%Ecc progress:  18.9%Ecc progress:  20.0%Ecc progress:  21.0%Ecc progress:  22.1%Ecc progress:  23.1%Ecc progress:  24.2%Ecc progress:  25.2%Ecc progress:  26.3%Ecc progress:  27.3%Ecc progress:  28.4%Ecc progress:  29.4%Ecc progress:  30.5%Ecc progress:  31.5%Ecc progress:  32.6%Ecc progress:  33.6%Ecc progress:  34.7%Ecc progress:  35.7%Ecc progress:  36.8%Ecc progress:  37.8%Ecc progress:  38.9%Ecc progress:  40.0%Ecc progress:  41.0%Ecc progress:  42.1%Ecc progress:  43.1%Ecc progress:  44.2%Ecc progress:  45.2%Ecc progress:  46.3%Ecc progress:  47.3%Ecc progress:  48.4%Ecc progress:  49.4%Ecc progress:  50.5%Ecc progress:  51.5%Ecc progress:  52.6%Ecc progress:  53.6%Ecc progress:  54.7%Ecc progress:  55.7%Ecc progress:  56.8%Ecc progress:  57.8%Ecc progress:  58.9%Ecc progress:  60.0%Ecc progress:  61.0%Ecc progress:  62.1%Ecc progress:  63.1%Ecc progress:  64.2%Ecc progress:  65.2%Ecc progress:  66.3%Ecc progress:  67.3%Ecc progress:  68.4%Ecc progress:  69.4%Ecc progress:  70.5%Ecc progress:  71.5%Ecc progress:  72.6%Ecc progress:  73.6%Ecc progress:  74.7%Ecc progress:  75.7%Ecc progress:  76.8%Ecc progress:  77.8%Ecc progress:  78.9%Ecc progress:  80.0%Ecc progress:  81.0%Ecc progress:  82.1%Ecc progress:  83.1%Ecc progress:  84.2%Ecc progress:  85.2%Ecc progress:  86.3%Ecc progress:  87.3%Ecc progress:  88.4%Ecc progress:  89.4%Ecc progress:  90.5%Ecc progress:  91.5%Ecc progress:  92.6%Ecc progress:  93.6%Ecc progress:  94.7%Ecc progress:  95.7%Ecc progress:  96.8%Ecc progress:  97.8%Ecc progress:  98.9%Ecc progress: 100.0%Ecc progress: 100.0%
   15 Good! All sectors are already present.