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This is version 2.7.0-git of the TypeTree library.

TypeTree is a template library for constructing and operating on statically typed trees of objects. It is based around the idea of defining loosely coupled, componentized algorithms. Component lookup happens through tag dispatch, making it very easy to extend and / or modify existing algorithms as well as constructing new algorithms for existing types of tree nodes.

The provided algorithms include visitor-based iteration of both single trees and pairs of trees and a powerful tree transformation algorithm that automatically decomposes an existing tree and constructs the transformed one, only requiring the user to specify the per-node transformation policies.

Moreover, there are some more specialized utility algorithms for compile-time reductions over trees and leaves, which are mainly useful for the construction of template meta programs.

Finally, there are mixin implementations of the three default node concepts in the library (leaf nodes, power nodes and composite nodes). For more complicated use patterns, the library also contains generic implementations of proxy nodes and, on top of that functionality, filtered nodes that can reorder and / or restrict access to some of their children.

The TypeTree library was originally developed as part of PDELab to support its tree-based abstraction of function spaces, but has attracted wider-spread interest. To facility integration with other projects, we have extracted the code from PDELab into this standalone library

This package contains the TypeTree library code. For usage examples your best bet is to look at the PDELab package.

If you have downloaded a release tarball, you can find the autogenerated Doxygen API documentation in doc/doxygen/html. Otherwise, you can build this documentation yourself by calling “make doc”. Note that you need Doxygen and GraphViz available at configure time to be able to build the documentation.

If you need help, please ask on the PDELab mailinglist for now. Bugs can be submitted to the bugtracker instead.

See the file CHANGELOG.md for recent changes to the library.


TypeTree depends on the following software packages:


The TypeTree library, headers and test programs are free open-source software, dual-licensed under version 3 or later of the GNU Lesser General Public License and version 2 of the GNU General Public License with a special run-time exception.

See the file LICENSE.md for full copying permissions.


For installation instructions please see the DUNE website.