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dnsscope [OPTION]... INFILE


dnsscope takes an INFILE in PCAP format. It generates some simple statistics outputs these to STDOUT.



Path to a PCAP file.

-h, --help Show the help. --rd Only process packets in INFILE with the RD (Recursion Desired) flag set. By default, we process all DNS packets in INFILE. --ipv4=<state> Process IPv4 packets. On by default, disable with --ipv4 false. --ipv6=<state> Process IPv6 packets. On by default, disable with --ipv6 false. -f, --filter-name=<domain> Only process packets within this domain --full-histogram <msec> Write out histogram with specified bin-size to 'full-histogram' --log-histogram Write out a log-histogram of response times to 'log-histogram' --no-servfail-stats Remove servfail responses from latency statistics --servfail-tree Figure out subtrees that generate servfails. --stats-dir <directory> Drop statistics files in this directory. Defaults to ./ -l, --load-stats Emit per-second load statistics (questions, answers, outstanding). -w <file>, --write-failures <file> Write weird packets to a PCAP file at FILENAME. -v, --verbose Be more verbose.

See also

pcap(3PCAP), tcpdump(8)