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    1 Notes about Debian's PowerDNS package
    2 -------------------------------------
    4  + Introduction
    6 PowerDNS is a powerful DNS server, it has the ability to serve data
    7 from different backends, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, LDAP etc.
    9  + Configure
   11 The configuration for PowerDNS is separated in different files. In
   12 /etc/powerdns/pdns.conf are the base server settings, the configuration for
   13 specific backends could go into any other file (ending in .conf) in
   14 /etc/powerdns/pdns.d/. launch= settings can be chained by using the launch+=
   15 syntax.
   17  + Chroot
   19 PowerDNS can run in a chrooted environment, but this has some disadvantages.
   20 It is not easy to connect via a socket to another service like MySQL or
   21 PostgreSQL. When using the sqlite backend, the database needs to live inside
   22 the chroot. With systemd, the service startup notification currently does
   23 not work for similar reasons. If you don't have these restrictions you can
   24 enable the chroot option.