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    1 # Config file for the TinyDNS backend
    2 # Specifies the name of the data file to use.
    3 # tinydns-dbfile=data.cdb
    5 # Adjusts the TAI value if timestamps are used. These seconds will be added to
    6 # the start point (1970) and will allow you to adjust for leap seconds. The
    7 # current default is 11. The last update was on june 30th 2012.
    8 # tinydns-tai-adjust=11
    9 # 
   10 # Notify all the slave nameservers on startup. This might cause broadcast storms.
   11 # tinydns-notify-on-startup=no
   13 # The tinydns-data program can create data.cdb files that have bad/corrupt
   14 # RDATA. PowerDNS will crash when it tries to read that bad/corrupt data. This
   15 # option (change to yes), allows you to ignore that bad RDATA to make PowerDNS
   16 # operate when bad data is in your CDB file. Be aware that the records are then
   17 # ignored, where tinydns would still send out the bogus data. The option is
   18 # primarily useful in master mode, as that reads all the packets in the zone to
   19 # find all the SOA records.
   20 # tinydns-ignore-bogus-records=no
   23 # Enable or Disable location support in the backend. Changing the value to 'no'
   24 # will make the backend ignore the locations. This then returns all records.
   25 # When the setting is changed to 'no' an AXFR will also return all the records.
   26 # With the setting on 'yes' an AXFR will only return records without a location.
   27 # tinydns-locations=no