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named-journalprint - print zone journal in human-readable form


named-journalprint {journal}


named-journalprint prints the contents of a zone journal file in a human-readable form.

Journal files are automatically created by named when changes are made to dynamic zones (e.g., by nsupdate). They record each addition or deletion of a resource record, in binary format, allowing the changes to be re-applied to the zone when the server is restarted after a shutdown or crash. By default, the name of the journal file is formed by appending the extension .jnl to the name of the corresponding zone file.

named-journalprint converts the contents of a given journal file into a human-readable text format. Each line begins with add or del, to indicate whether the record was added or deleted, and continues with the resource record in master-file format.

See Also

named(8), nsupdate(1), BIND 9 Administrator Reference Manual.