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Supported platforms

In general, this version of BIND will build and run on any POSIX-compliant system with a C11-compliant C compiler, BSD-style sockets with RFC-compliant IPv6 support, and POSIX-compliant threads, plus the following mandatory libraries:

Use of the following libraries is optional:

The following C11 features are used in BIND 9:

The C11 variants are preferred.

BIND 9.17 requires a fairly recent version of libuv (at least 1.x). For some of the older systems listed below, you will have to install an updated libuv package from sources such as EPEL, PPA, or other native sources for updated packages. The other option is to build and install libuv from source.

Certain optional BIND features have additional library dependencies. These include:

ISC regularly tests BIND on many operating systems and architectures, but lacks the resources to test all of them. Consequently, ISC is only able to offer support on a “best effort” basis for some.

Regularly tested platforms

As of Nov 2020, BIND 9.17 is fully supported and regularly tested on the following systems:

The amd64, i386, armhf and arm64 CPU architectures are all fully supported.

Best effort

The following are platforms on which BIND is known to build and run. ISC makes every effort to fix bugs on these platforms, but may be unable to do so quickly due to lack of hardware, less familiarity on the part of engineering staff, and other constraints. None of these are tested regularly by ISC.

Community maintained

These systems may not all have the required dependencies for building BIND easily available, although it will be possible in many cases to compile those directly from source. The community and interested parties may wish to help with maintenance, and we welcome patch contributions, although we cannot guarantee that we will accept them. All contributions will be assessed against the risk of adverse effect on officially supported platforms.

Unsupported platforms

These are platforms on which BIND 9.17 is known not to build or run: