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    1 To make TCP listening properly multithreaded, we need to have the
    2 uv_export() and uv_import() functions that were removed from libuv.
    3 The alternative is passing sockets over IPC, which is complicated and
    4 error prone.
    6 To make it simple, we export two internal functions from libuv; they will
    7 be used in lib/isc/netmgr/uv-compat.c by our versions of the uv_export()
    8 and uv_import() functions.
   10 diff --git a/src/win/internal.h b/src/win/internal.h
   11 index 058ddb8e..a9dc4168 100644
   12 --- a/src/win/internal.h
   13 +++ b/src/win/internal.h
   14 @@ -92,11 +92,11 @@ void uv_process_tcp_connect_req(uv_loop_t* loop, uv_tcp_t* handle,
   15  void uv_tcp_close(uv_loop_t* loop, uv_tcp_t* tcp);
   16  void uv_tcp_endgame(uv_loop_t* loop, uv_tcp_t* handle);
   18 -int uv__tcp_xfer_export(uv_tcp_t* handle,
   19 +UV_EXTERN int uv__tcp_xfer_export(uv_tcp_t* handle,
   20                          int pid,
   21                          uv__ipc_socket_xfer_type_t* xfer_type,
   22                          uv__ipc_socket_xfer_info_t* xfer_info);
   23 -int uv__tcp_xfer_import(uv_tcp_t* tcp,
   24 +UV_EXTERN int uv__tcp_xfer_import(uv_tcp_t* tcp,
   25                          uv__ipc_socket_xfer_type_t xfer_type,
   26                          uv__ipc_socket_xfer_info_t* xfer_info);