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    1 # This value should be increased whenever changing the structure of
    2 # any object that will appear in a type 'map' master file (which
    3 # contains a working memory image of an RBT database), as loading 
    4 # an incorrect memory image produces an inconsistent and probably
    5 # nonfunctional database.  These structures include but are not
    6 # necessarily limited to dns_masterrawheader, rbtdb_file_header,
    7 # rbt_file_header, dns_rbtdb, dns_rbt, dns_rbtnode, rdatasetheader.
    8 #
    9 # Err on the side of caution: if anything in the RBTDB is changed,
   10 # bump the value.  Making map files unreadable protects the system
   11 # from instability; it's a feature not a bug.
   12 #
   13 # Whenever releasing a new major release of BIND9, set this value
   14 # back to 1.0 when releasing the first alpha.  Map files are *never*
   15 # compatible across major releases.
   16 MAPAPI=2.0