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Setting the STD_CDEFINES environment variable before running configure can be used to enable certain compile-time options that are not explicitly defined in configure.

Some of these settings are:

Setting Description
-DISC_MEM_FILL=0 Don’t ovewrite memory when allocating or freeing it; this improves performance but makes debugging more difficult.
-DISC_MEM_TRACKLINES=0 Don’t track memory allocations by file and line number; this improves performance but makes debugging more difficult.
-DISC_FACILITY=LOG_LOCAL0 Change the default syslog facility for named
-DNS_CLIENT_DROPPORT=0 Disable dropping queries from particular well-known ports:
-DCHECK_SIBLING=0 Don’t check sibling glue in named-checkzone
-DCHECK_LOCAL=0 Don’t check out-of-zone addresses in named-checkzone
-DNS_RUN_PID_DIR=0 Create default PID files in ${localstatedir}/run rather than ${localstatedir}/run/{named,lwresd}/
-DDIG_SIGCHASE=1 Enable DNSSEC signature chasing support in dig. (Note: This feature is deprecated. Use delv instead.)
-DNS_RPZ_MAX_ZONES=64 Increase the maximum number of configurable response policy zones from 32 to 64; this is the highest possible setting
-DISC_HEAP_CHECK Test heap consistency after every heap operation; used when debugging
-DISC_BUFFER_USEINLINE=0 Disable the use of inline functions to implement the isc_buffer API: this reduces performance but may be useful when debugging