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lwres_conf_init, lwres_conf_clear, lwres_conf_parse, lwres_conf_print, lwres_conf_get — lightweight resolver configuration


#include <lwres/lwres.h>
void lwres_conf_init( lwres_context_t *ctx);
void lwres_conf_clear( lwres_context_t *ctx);
lwres_result_t lwres_conf_parse( lwres_context_t *ctx,
  const char *filename);
lwres_result_t lwres_conf_print( lwres_context_t *ctx,
  FILE *fp);
lwres_conf_t * lwres_conf_get( lwres_context_t *ctx);


lwres_conf_init() creates an empty lwres_conf_t structure for lightweight resolver context ctx.

lwres_conf_clear() frees up all the internal memory used by that lwres_conf_t structure in resolver context ctx.

lwres_conf_parse() opens the file filename and parses it to initialise the resolver context ctx's lwres_conf_t structure.

lwres_conf_print() prints the lwres_conf_t structure for resolver context ctx to the FILE fp.


lwres_conf_parse() returns LWRES_R_SUCCESS if it successfully read and parsed filename. It returns LWRES_R_FAILURE if filename could not be opened or contained incorrect resolver statements.

lwres_conf_print() returns LWRES_R_SUCCESS unless an error occurred when converting the network addresses to a numeric host address string. If this happens, the function returns LWRES_R_FAILURE.


stdio(3) , resolver(5) .