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    1 Copyright (C) Internet Systems Consortium, Inc. ("ISC")
    3 See COPYRIGHT in the source root or http://isc.org/copyright.html for terms.
    5 The BIND v9 ARM master document is now kept in DocBook 5 XML format.
    7 Most of the ARM is in the single file "Bv9ARM-book.xml", with certain
    8 other files included into it:
   10     - dlz.xml
   11     - dnssec.xml
   12     - libdns.xml
   13     - logging-categories.xml
   14     - managed-keys.xml
   15     - notes.xml
   16     - pkcs11.xml
   17     - BIND man pages
   19 All of the published ARM formats - HTML, PDF, etc - are generated from
   20 this master source.
   22 The file "notes.xml" contains the release notes for the current release. In
   23 addition to being included in the ARM as an appendix, it is also built into
   24 a stand-alone document: "notes.pdf" and "notes.html".
   26 Building these these files requires DocBook 5 and dblatex. These are
   27 available as packages in many OS distributes; in debian, for example:
   29     $ sudo apt-get install docbook5-xml docbook-xml docbook-xsl-ns \
   30                            docbook-utils dblatex
   32 To build all documentation, run "make doc".
   34 When committing changes or submitting patches, it is only necessary to
   35 edit the XML source (i.e., the files with ".docbook" or ".xml" suffixes);
   36 the files in HTML and man page format are built from the XML source by a
   37 cron job.
   39 If you are familiar with SGML or HTML, editing the DocBook XML is quite
   40 straightforward.  You only need to know what the tags are and how to use
   41 them.  You can find a good resource either for this either online or in
   42 printed form:
   44     DocBook: The Definitive Guide
   45     By Norman Walsh and Leonard Muellner
   46     ISBN: 156592-580-7
   47     1st Edition, October 1999
   48     Copyright (C) 1999 by O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. All rights reserved.
   50 The book is available online in HTML format:
   52     http://docbook.org/
   54 After editing documentation, it is useful to check the correctness of the
   55 XML; this can be done using the "xmllint" utility.