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DataMelt is a mathematics software for numeric computation, statistics, symbolic calculations, data analysis and data visualization.

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287066293 bytes,  2023-04-05 00:03 (2023-04-05 09:27),  e7c44e3235078f91315cf7b2f1800594

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/ linux / misc /

No. of package member files:

4392 (4122 regular files + 1 other in 269 directories)

Found file extensions:

Overall:  aida arff au bat bkup bsh cfg class conf css csv d dat dll eps exe gif html ico idx ini ist jar java jdic jpg js jser jvd jvr jvx m MF off pdf pem php pkc pl png py pyc rb root ser sh so sql svg swp tmpl tsv tx txt TXT whl xml xsd xsl zip  (+ remaining files)
Top 10:  py (1726)  class (728)  pkc (645)  jar (286)  gif (247)  txt (102)  html (69)  pyc (58)  bsh (27)  jpg (16)

License file(s):

This is an unofficial and possibly incomplete list of licenses used in the analyzed project. It is just an attempt to provide a first related overview by searching for license information in probably license-relevant member text files and trying to identify the according license type. Although detailed license conditions can be found in the linked text files and the named license information pages, the user should study the project itself and its source files for the relevant licenses.

⊳ Probably internal license files:License (assumed):Copyright (extract):
  dmelt/Docs/gnu-license.html  (GPL 2)  (---)
  dmelt/Docs/license.html  jWork.ORG and S.Chekanov DataMelt License Terms and Conditions Chekanov ...  2005-2022.
2005-2022 S.Chekanov.
  dmelt/Docs/license.txt  JHepWork, DataMelt DataMelt License See: ...  2005-2022 S.Chekanov.
  dmelt/lib/dmisc/junit-license.txt  (EPL-1.0)  (---)
  dmelt/lib/freehep/LICENSE  (LGPL-2.1)  (---)
  dmelt/lib/freehep/serializer.LICENSE.txt  (APACHE-2.0)  (---)
  dmelt/lib/freehep/xerces.LICENSE.txt  The Apache Software License, Version 1.1 All rights ...  1999 The Apache Software Foundation
originally based on software copyright (c) 1999, International Business Machines, Inc.
  dmelt/lib/groovy/antlr2-license.txt  ANTLR 2 License We reserve no legal rights to the ANTLR--it is fully in the public domain ...  (---)
  dmelt/lib/groovy/asm-license.txt  (BSD-3C)  2000-2011 INRIA, France Telecom
  dmelt/lib/groovy/hamcrest-license.txt  (BSD-3C)  2000-2015
  dmelt/lib/groovy/jline2-license.txt  (BSD-3C)  2002-2012, the original author or authors
  dmelt/lib/groovy/jsr166y-license.txt  The person or persons who have associated work with this document (the "Dedicator" or "Certifier") hereby either ...  (---)
  dmelt/lib/groovy/jsr223-license.txt  (BSD-3C)  2006, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
  dmelt/lib/groovy/xstream-license.txt  (BSD-3C)  2003-2006, Joe Walnes
2006-2009, 2011 XStream Committers
  dmelt/lib/image/avalon-framework.LICENSE.txt  (APACHE-2.0)  (---)
  dmelt/lib/image/batik.LICENSE.txt  (APACHE-2.0)  (---)
  dmelt/lib/image/servlet.LICENSE.txt  The Apache Software License, Version 1.1 All rights ...  1999 The Apache Software Foundation
  dmelt/lib/image/xalan.LICENSE.txt  (APACHE-2.0)  (---)
  dmelt/lib/image/xalan.regexp.LICENSE.txt  Apache Software License, Version 1.1 All rights ...  2001 The Apache Software Foundation
  dmelt/lib/image/xalan.runtime.LICENSE.txt  runtime.jar component) Scott Ananian Permission to use, copy, modify, and distribute this software and its ...  1996-1999 by Scott Hudson, Frank Flannery, C. Scott Ananian
  dmelt/lib/image/xml-apis-ext.LICENSE.txt  (APACHE-2.0)  (---)
  dmelt/lib/image/xml-apis.LICENSE.txt  (APACHE-2.0)  (---)
  dmelt/lib/image/xmlgraphics-commons.LICENSE.txt  (APACHE-2.0)  (---)
  dmelt/lib/jython/LICENSE_Apache.txt  (APACHE-2.0)  (---)
  dmelt/lib/jython/LICENSE_CPython.txt  2) According to Richard Stallman, 1.6.1 is not GPL-compatible, because its license has a choice of law clause ...  i.e., "Copyright (c) 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 Python Software Foundation; All Rights Reserved" are retained in Python alone or
  (… plus 2 further copyrights)
  dmelt/lib/jython/LICENSE.txt  (BSD-3C)  Agreement and PSF's notice of copyright, i.e., "Copyright (c) 2007 Python Software Foundation; All Rights Reserved" are retained in
2000-2009 Jython Developers
  dmelt/lib/jython/Lib/site-packages/pip-19.1.dist-info/LICENSE.txt  (MIT)  2008-2019 The pip developers (see AUTHORS.txt file)
  dmelt/lib/jython/Lib/site-packages/setuptools-41.0.1.dist-info/LICENSE  (MIT)  2016 Jason R Coombs <>
⊳ Probably external license files:
  dmelt/python/packages/sympy/LICENSE  (BSD-3C)  2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 SymPy Development Team

And just for completeness, here a list of 6 possibly license-related files that were ignored because they are either source code, binary, data or symlinked files or were not processed for some other reason: dmelt/lib/jehep/licenses.jar, dmelt/lib/image/xml-apis-ext.LICENSE.dom-documentation.txt, dmelt/lib/image/xml-apis-ext.LICENSE.dom-software.txt, dmelt/lib/system/jfreechart.licence, dmelt/lib/math/uncommons-maths.licence and dmelt/lib/weka/LICENSES.

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