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    1 2019-03-09 Hariharan Chandrashekar <harchand@cisco.com>
    3 	* ChangeLog, configure.ac, daq.vcxproj :
    4 	  Bump to 2.0.7 and added DAQ project file for supporting windows 64-bit.
    6 2015-07-15 17:13  mialtize
    8 	* ChangeLog, configure.ac, daq.spec, api/daq_api.h,
    9 	  os-daq-modules/daq_static_modules.c (IMS_5_4_0): Bugs Fixed:
   10 	  CSCuv26782 Change description: Add lost Netmap DAQ module.  Sync
   11 	  Changelog from 2.0.5 release tarball.  Bump to 2.0.6.  Update RPM
   12 	  spec file for appropriate library name.  Reviewedboard Link:
   13 	  http://kingart.cisco.com/reviews/r/30004/ Karma Granted By: Ron
   14 	  Testing Done: Documentation: