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    1 # @(#)COPYING	1.12 12/02/26 Copyright 2007-2012 J. Schilling
    4 The software in this directory tree is free software and uses
    5 licenses that are aproved be the OpenSource Initative
    7 	http://www.opensource.org/
    9 You may of course copy and redistribute sources and derived binaries
   10 from this software.
   12 Not all sub-projects in this directory tree use the same license. Each named
   13 sub-directory holds an own independent "work" with respect to the Copyright
   14 law. Here is a list of sub-directories (works) and it's related licenses:
   16 btcflash/
   17 	A firmwareflash program (CDDL),
   18 	parts from David Huang in btcflash.c are public domain
   19 	Note: uses libscg
   20 cdda2wav/
   21 	A DAE program (CDDL)
   22 	Note: uses libscg
   23 cdrecord/
   24 	A CD/DVD-recording program (CDDL)
   25 	Note: uses libscg
   26 autoconf/
   27 	The Schily Autoconf program (GPL)
   28 conf/
   29 	Support shell scripts for the Schily Makefile system (CDDL)
   31 	Default files for the Schily Makefile system (CDDL)
   33 	Default files for the Schily Makefile system (CDDL)
   34 inc/
   35 	Support C-Files for the Schily Makefile system (CDDL)
   36 include/
   37 	Support H-Files for the Schily Makefile system (CDDL)
   38 libdeflt/
   39 	A lib for accessing files under /etc/default/ (CDDL)
   40 libcdrdeflt/
   41 	A lib for accessing the file /etc/default/cdrecord (CDDL)
   42 libedc/
   43 	A Reed Solomon Encoder and Decoder (CDDL)
   44 libfile/
   45 	A lib that implements the 'file' command (BSDL 2 clause)
   46 libhfs_iso/
   47 	HFS support lib (GPL)
   48 libmdigest/
   49 	Message digest lib (partially public domain, partially BSD 2 clause)
   50 libparanoia/
   51 	CD paranoia CD-DAE support lib (LGPL)
   52 librscg/
   53 	A remote SCSI-generic transport lib (CDDL)
   54 	This code may only be used together with other
   55 	code that is under an approved OpenSource license,
   56 	see http://www.opensource.org/.
   57 libscg/
   58 	A local SCSI-generic transport lib (CDDL)
   59 	This code may only be used together with other
   60 	code that is under an approved OpenSource license,
   61 	see http://www.opensource.org/.
   62 libscgcmd/
   63 	A SCSI-generic library that implements basic SCSI commands (CDDL)
   64 	This library sends the SCSI commands via libscg.
   65 libschily/
   66 	The schily basic support library (CDDL)
   67 libsiconv/
   68 	A simple iconv replacement/wrapper (CDDL)
   69 libvms/
   70 	A library with supportcode for the VMS port (License: to fit any code in cdrtools)
   71 	Copyright (C) 2004-2006 Steven M. Schweda
   72 mkisofs/
   73 	A ISO-9660/Rock-Ridge/Joliet/HFS/UDF filesystem formatter (GPL)
   74 	Note: uses libscg
   75 	See special GPL compatibility notes below
   76 readcd/
   77 	A CD/DVD read utility (CDDL)
   78 	Note: uses libscg
   79 rscsi/
   80 	The remote SCSI generic transport daemon (CDDL)
   81 	Note: uses libscg
   82 RULES/
   83 	The main part of the Schily Makefilesystem (CDDL)
   84 scgcheck/
   85 	The libscg interface comliance check program (CDDL)
   86 	Note: uses libscg
   87 scgskeleton/
   88 	A libscg skeleton demo program (CDDL)
   89 	Note: uses libscg
   90 TARGETS/
   91 	Slot support for the Schily Makefile system (CDDL)
   93 	Template support for the Schily Makefile system (CDDL)
   96 For more information on the CDDL read the file	CDDL.Schily.txt
   97 For more information on the GPL read the file	GPL-2.0.txt
   98 For more information on the LGPL read the file	LGPL-2.1.txt
  100 To find a list of CDDL licensed files, type:
  101 find . -type f -exec grep -l 'License file CDDL' {} +
  103 To find a list of GPL licensed files, type:
  104 find . -type f -exec grep -l 'GNU General Public' {} +
  106 To find a list of LGPL licensed files, type:
  107 find . -type f -exec grep -l 'GNU Lesser General' {} +
  110 GPL compatibility notes:
  112 No non-GPL source is based on or derived from GPL code.
  114 The terms and conditions of the GPL only cover a GPLd work but do not
  115 extend to other works that have been published under a different license.
  117 Linking a GPL'd work with another work does not create a "derived work"
  118 but a "collective work". In case of a collective work, the GPL is very
  119 obvious with only requiring the GPLd parts to be covered by the terms 
  120 and conditions of the GPL. The GPL however requires the other parts to
  121 be delivered with the GPLd parts in order to permit to rebuild the binary.
  124 Note: In case of statical linking, the resulting "mkisofs binary" is a 
  125 combination of several separate projects (works) under different licenses.
  126 If you combine code from different licenses, you need to honor the legal
  127 implications from the included GPL code and the other code.
  129 If you just publish the complete original cdrtools source, you honor the GPL.
  130 If you like to create a separate mkisofs package, be careful to verify that
  131 everything that is needed to compile mkisofs is contained in this package.