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    1 Release notes for AUCTeX 12.3 with preview-latex
    2 ================================================
    4 AUCTeX provides by far the most wide-spread and sophisticated
    5 environment for editing LaTeX, TeX, ConTeXt and Texinfo documents with
    6 Emacs.  Combined with packages like RefTeX, flyspell and others it is
    7 pretty much without peer as a comprehensive authoring solution for a
    8 large variety of operating system platforms and TeX distributions.  It
    9 supports document-dependent completion and syntax highlighting, easily
   10 accessible menus, jumping to error locations in the source file, a
   11 number of editing shortcuts, intelligent indentation and filling of
   12 text during entry, and WYSIWYG previews of graphical elements like
   13 math formulas right in the Emacs source buffer, by virtue of its
   14 preview-latex component.
   16 One part of the preview-latex subsystem is the central `preview.sty'
   17 file that is independently useful for a number of applications and is
   18 available in unbundled form from CTAN.[1]
   20 AUCTeX needs volunteers in particular for non-programming tasks:
   21 documentation writing, tutorials, translations, reference material,
   22 sleuth work, testing.
   24 New features and fixed bugs in this release
   25 -------------------------------------------
   27 Support for 'PSTricks' is now PDF-oriented.  AUCTeX no longer turns
   28 off PDF mode for 'PSTricks' documents even without 'pst-pdf'.  It
   29 now sets up 'TeX-PDF-from-DVI' option so that PDF output is
   30 generated when 'TeX-PDF-mode' is enabled (default).  Users who want
   31 DVI output should disable PDF mode explicitly by file local
   32 variable, or customize 'TeX-PDF-mode' to 'nil'.
   34 The function 'font-latex-update-font-lock' has been obsoleted in
   35 order to fix 'bug#37945'.  That function was used by several style
   36 files in order to refresh fontification after adding new symbols or
   37 verbatim constructs.  It is better to call 'font-lock-flush' in the
   38 former case and 'font-latex-set-syntactic-keywords' in the latter
   39 case.  The function 'font-latex-update-font-lock' still exists as a
   40 no-op which only shows a warning explaining how to update font-lock
   41 as mentioned above.
   43 Math expression highlighting was improved.  Highlighting for
   44 documents with a lot of inline math expressions '$...$' won't get
   45 scrambled now ('bug#33139').
   47 There is small incompatibility due to this fix.  When odd number of
   48 dollar signs are in a comment, the subsequent lines are highlighted
   49 as math until another '$' appears.  You can insert a commented
   50 dollar sign ('%$') at the next suitable end of line as a
   51 workaround.
   53 In addition, it is no longer recommended to customize
   54 'font-latex-math-environments'.  Use 'texmathp-tex-commands'
   55 instead.
   57 AUCTeX tracks changes in LaTeX2e 2020-02-02 release.  AUCTeX
   58 supports the improvements to LaTeX font selection mechanism (NFSS).
   59 New macros like '\textsw' or '\textulc' are added to font insertion
   60 keyboard commands.  See the section for inserting font specifiers
   61 for details.  Further, the entries in the menu LaTeX, Insert Font
   62 are reorganized and adjusted accordingly.
   64 Macros previously provided by 'textcomp.sty' are now part of LaTeX
   65 kernel.  AUCTeX tracks this change as well and support for the new
   66 macro '\legacyoldstylenums' is added.
   68 Insertion of environments in LaTeX documents (i.e.  'C-c C-e') was
   69 improved.  The former code had a few bugs, which sometimes resulted
   70 in either spurious empty line or spurious comment prefix, or both,
   71 especially when the region is active.  Those bugs are now fixed.
   73 More bugs fixed, other minor features implemented.
   75 Requirements
   76 ------------
   78 It is required that you use at least GNU Emacs 24.
   80 The preview-latex subsystem requires image support.
   82 You'll also need a working LaTeX installation and Ghostscript.
   83 dvipng[2] (version 1.4 or later), a very fast DVI converter, can be
   84 used to speed up the conversion.
   86 Availability
   87 ------------
   89 The easiest way for getting AUCTeX is installing it with GNU ELPA, see
   90 <URL:https://elpa.gnu.org/packages/auctex.html> for more information.
   91 Other download options are available at
   92 <URL:https://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/auctex/>.  At release time, we provide the
   93 source tarball.  You can also use versions of Emacs that already
   94 include AUCTeX or a software package management system for your
   95 operating system which provides you with the latest release.
   97 A separate directory for each release contains some stuff from the
   98 tarball, such as ChangeLog, printable manuals, and a reference sheet.
   99 The download area is mirrored to the directory support/auctex on CTAN.
  100 AUCTeX is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3.
  102 You'll find more information at the web site of AUCTeX
  103 <URL:https://www.gnu.org/software/auctex/>, including its mailing list
  104 addresses.
  106 Future development and additional information
  107 ---------------------------------------------
  109 AUCTeX is proceeding as a GNU project with the long-term intent of
  110 merging it into Emacs.  For that reason, all new contributors need to
  111 assign copyright to their contributions to the FSF (the usual
  112 procedure for Emacs contributors).  The same holds for past
  113 contributors.  The principal authors and maintainers have already done
  114 so, but it would require a diligent and diplomatic volunteer to find
  115 and ask the rest.
  117 Current AUCTeX managers are Arash Esbati, Mosè Giordano, and Tassilo
  118 Horn.  Everybody is welcome to contribute to the project by reporting
  119 bugs and suggesting improvements, but the most effective way of
  120 helping AUCTeX development remains volunteering for tasks.
  122 The following people contributed to this release series (in
  123 alphabetical order): Ivan Andrus, Ralf Angeli, Masayuki Ataka,
  124 Mohammad Hossein Bateni, Fabrice Ben Hamouda, Thomas Baumann, Vincent
  125 Belaïche, Berend de Boer, Alex Branham, Uwe Brauer, Ken Brown, Joshua
  126 Buhl, Jean-François Burnol, Patrice Dumas, Arash Esbati, Werner Fink,
  127 Miguel Frasson, Peter S. Galbraith, Mosè Giordano, Patrick Gundlach,
  128 Jobst Hoffmann, Tassilo Horn, Yvon Hevel, Orlando Iovino, Mads Jensen,
  129 Arne Jĝrgensen, David Kastrup, Ikumi Keita, Philip Kime, Oleh Krehel,
  130 Joost Kremers, Frank Küster, Jan-Ċke Larsson, Matthew Leach, Antoine
  131 Levitt, Leo Liu, Vladimir Lomov, Stefan Monnier, Dan Nicolaescu, Piet
  132 van Oostrum, Pieter Pareit, Nicolas Richard, Augusto Ritter Stoffel,
  133 Florent Rougon, Santiago Saavedra, Davide G. M. Salvetti, Rüdiger
  134 Sonderfeld, Holger Sparr, Mike Sperber, Reiner Steib, Christian
  135 Schlauer, Shiro Takeda, Mark Trettin (Please accept our apologies if
  136 we forgot somebody.)
  138 Footnotes:
  140 [1]  <URL:https://www.ctan.org/pkg/preview>
  142 [2]  dvipng is available via its project page
  143 <URL:https://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/dvipng> and from CTAN.