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    1 This directory contains files to test the TLSSyslogAppender and its helpers classes. Please don't remove them.
    3 All certificates are signed with log4j2-cacert.pem, which is the root certificate (you can find help here to install it:
    4 http://askubuntu.com/questions/73287/how-do-i-install-a-root-certificate). The client.log4j2-keystore.jks contains the
    5 client private key, the corresponding certificate (client.log4j2-crt.pem) and the root CA certificate 
    6 (log4j2-cacert.pem). The root CA certificate is also imported into the truststore.jks.
    8 The server.log4j2-key.pem is a private key generated by OpenSSL, which can be used as a server private key. The 
    9 server.log4j2-crt.pem is the corresponding certificate signed with log4j2-cacert.pem.
   11 All JKS files are created with password "changeit".
   13 The syslog-ng-sample.conf file contains the relevant part of a sample syslog-ng configuration with TLS support.