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Meta-information about package "apache-incubator-mxnet-1.9.1.tar.gz" on

Short description:

MXNet is a deep learning framework suited for flexible research prototyping and production.

Home page:

Fossies download link (and used upstream URL):

apache-incubator-mxnet-1.9.1.tar.gz  ( / apache / incubator-mxnet / archive/1.9.1.tar.gz)

Package size, modification date (and download date), md5 checksum:

23402468 bytes,  2022-04-22 00:45 (2022-05-10 22:31),  038cc528f7fc02b5a4ea2287c94022d0

Fossies contents page:

/ linux / misc / apache-incubator-mxnet-1.9.1.tar.gz/

No. of package member files:

5187 (4153 regular files + 45 symlinks in 989 directories)

Found file extensions:

Overall:  bat cc cfg clj cmake cmd conf cpp cpu css csv cu cu80 cu90 cu92 cuh edn eot g4 gif gpg gpu h hpp html i in ini java jl jpeg jpg js json lock m map md mk mkl mp4 perl pl PL pm png PNG ps1 pxi py pyi pyx R rb rdf ref rst scala scss sh st stg svg sym t test toml ttf txt v0 ver woff xml yaml yml  (+ remaining files)
Top 10:  py (867)  h (507)  cc (389)  md (387)  cu (213)  sh (209)  scala (199)  clj (130)  rst (121)  pm (90)

License file(s):

This is an unofficial and possibly incomplete list of licenses used in the analyzed project. It is just an attempt to provide a first related overview by searching for license information in probably license-relevant member text files and trying to identify the according license type. Although detailed license conditions can be found in the linked text files and the named license information pages, the user should study the project itself and its source files for the relevant licenses.

⊳ Probably internal license files:License (assumed):Copyright (extract):
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/LICENSE  (APACHE-2.0)  (---)
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/licenses/LICENSE.bfloat16.txt  (-> APACHE-2.0)  (---)
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/licenses/LICENSE.blockingconcurrentqueue.txt  (Zlib)  2015 Jeff Preshing
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/licenses/LICENSE.builtin_fp16.txt  (MIT)  2009-2019 by the contributors listed in CREDITS.TXT
2009-2015 by the contributors listed in CREDITS.TXT
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/licenses/LICENSE.clang.txt  (probably a dual-license)  2007-2012 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/licenses/LICENSE.cmakeincludes.txt  (BSD-3C)  2000-2019 Kitware, Inc.
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/licenses/LICENSE.cma.txt  (MIT)  2017 Institute of Electronics and Computer Science (EDI), Latvia.
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/licenses/LICENSE.coco.txt  (BSD-2C)  (---)
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/licenses/LICENSE.concurrentqueue.txt  (BSD-2C)  2013-2016, Cameron Desrochers
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/licenses/LICENSE.ctc_include.txt  (APACHE-2.0)  2015-2016, Baidu USA LLC
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/licenses/LICENSE.deformable_convnets.txt  (MIT)  2017-2018 Microsoft
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/licenses/LICENSE.deformable_im2col.txt  (BSD-2C)  2014-2017 The Regents of the University of California (Regents)
  (… plus 2 further copyrights)
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/licenses/LICENSE.dlpack.txt  (APACHE-2.0)  2017 by Contributors
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/licenses/LICENSE.erfinv.txt  (BSD-3C)  2001-2002 Enthought, Inc.
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/licenses/LICENSE.findeigen3.txt  (BSD-2C)  2006, 2007 Montel Laurent, <>
  (… plus 2 further copyrights)
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/licenses/LICENSE.findjemalloc.txt  (BSL-1.0)  2014 Thomas Heller
  (… plus 3 further copyrights)
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/licenses/LICENSE.findpythonlibsnew.txt  (BSD-3C var)  2001-2009 Kitware, Inc.
2012 Continuum Analytics, Inc.
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/licenses/LICENSE.gmock_gen.txt  (APACHE-2.0)  (---)
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/licenses/LICENSE.googlemock.txt  (BSD-3C)  2008, Google Inc.
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/licenses/LICENSE.googletest.txt  (BSD-3C)  2008, Google Inc.
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/licenses/LICENSE.im2col.txt  (BSD-2C)  2014-2017 The Regents of the University of California (Regents)
2014-2017, the respective contributors
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/licenses/LICENSE.intgemm.txt  (MIT)  2017--2019 University of Edinburgh, Nikolay Bogoychev, Mateusz Chudyk, Kenneth Heafield, and Microsoft Corporation
  (… plus 2 further copyrights)
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/licenses/LICENSE.layer_norm_cpu.txt  (MIT)  2016 Marcin Junczys-Dowmunt, the University of Edinburgh, Adam Mickiewicz University
2017-2018 Intel Corporation SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/licenses/LICENSE.mersenne.txt  (BSD-3C var)  1997 - 2002, Makoto Matsumoto and Takuji Nishimura
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/licenses/LICENSE.mkldnn.txt  (MIT)  2016-2019 Intel Corporation
  (… plus 19 further copyrights)
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/licenses/LICENSE.moderngpu.txt  (BSD-3C)  2013, NVIDIA CORPORATION
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/licenses/LICENSE.modulated_deformable_convolution.txt  (MIT)  2018 Microsoft
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/licenses/LICENSE.modulated_deformable_im2col.txt  (BSD-2C)  2014-2017 The Regents of the University of California (Regents)
  (… plus 2 further copyrights)
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/licenses/LICENSE.mshadow.txt  (-> APACHE-2.0)  (---)
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/licenses/LICENSE.mx2onnx.txt  (BSD-3C)  2017, NVIDIA CORPORATION
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/licenses/LICENSE.np_einsum.txt  (BSD-3C)  2005-2019, NumPy Developers
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/licenses/LICENSE.nvidia_cub.txt  (BSD-3C)  2010-2011, Duane Merrill
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/licenses/LICENSE.onnx-tensorrt.txt  (MIT)  2018, NVIDIA CORPORATION
2018 Open Neural Network Exchange
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/licenses/LICENSE.onnx.txt  (MIT)  ONNX Project Contributors
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/licenses/LICENSE.openmp.txt  (MIT)  1997-2019 Intel Corporation
1997-2019 Intel Corporation
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/licenses/LICENSE.picojson.txt  (BSD-2C)  2009-2010 Cybozu Labs, Inc.
2011-2014 Kazuho Oku
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/licenses/LICENSE.pool.txt  (BSD-2C)  2014-2017 The Regents of the University of California (Regents)
2014-2017, the respective contributors
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/licenses/  (APACHE-2.0)  2015 Carnegie Mellon University
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/licenses/LICENSE.rang.txt  (Unlicense)  (---)
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/licenses/LICENSE.tree_lstm.txt  (MIT)  2017 Riddhiman Dasgupta, Sheng Zha
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/licenses/LICENSE.tvm.txt  (APACHE-2.0)  (---)
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/example/gluon/tree_lstm/LICENSE  (MIT)  2017 Riddhiman Dasgupta, Sheng Zha
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/docs/python_docs/themes/mx-theme/LICENSE  (MIT)  2016 myyasuda
⊳ Probably external license files:
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/3rdparty/ctc_include/LICENSE  (APACHE-2.0)  2015-2016, Baidu USA LLC
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/3rdparty/mshadow/LICENSE  (-> APACHE-2.0)  (---)
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/tools/dependencies/LICENSE.binary.dependencies  (BSD-3C)  2011 Google, Inc.
  (… plus 26 further copyrights)
  incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/3rdparty/ctc_include/contrib/moderngpu/LICENSE  (BSD-3C)  2013, NVIDIA CORPORATION

And just for completeness, here a list of three possibly license-related files that were ignored because they are either source code, binary, data or symlinked files or were not processed for some other reason: incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/.github/workflows/license_check.yml, incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/.licenserc.yaml and incubator-mxnet-1.9.1/tools/

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