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    1 Contributing
    3 Thanks for your interest in contributing to the aoetools.  The best
    4 way to submit proposed changes is in plain-text "patches".  These
    5 patches are generated by the diff program.
    7 Patches should be clean (to the point and easy to read) and should do
    8 one thing.  Send multiple patches if necessary.  Patches should be
    9 generated with "diff -uprN" if possible, and should be designed to be
   10 applied with "patch -p1".
   13 Design note:
   15 The aoe-mkdevs and aoe-mkshelf scripts are expected to work with
   16 special device files forever, but the aoe-discover script will likely
   17 someday use sysfs or something similar instead of
   18 /dev/etherd/discover.  The same goes for aoe-interfaces.  For that
   19 reason, there is no runtime interface for giving aoe-discover an
   20 alternative to /dev/etherd at runtime.  Instead, the device directory
   21 is set once and for all by make.  That way, the user interface won't
   22 change or become obsolete when aoe-discover stops using
   23 /dev/etherd/discover.